Friday, March 22, 2013

Reader Request Phriday: New Markets

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Since they were the only one who responded this week, once again our question comes from Leeu, who is currently sitting on 80k, through Ghost Iron Ore shuffling, and flipping.  Leeu asked if there were any other markets that they could break into without leveling more 80+'s.

Jewelcrafting Sub-markets
Since you have what you need to do the shuffle, you may want to look into other profitable Jewelcrafting sub-markets.  My favorite is Wrath Epic Gems, this is a great method to make gold, and is a great submarket.  In addition to what's in the post I linked, you can add Nightmare Tear's to the list, YMMV.

On top of that a hot topic that I keep hearing from both Elvine and Profitz is disenchanting Tin Ore to get the leveling gems for JC to sell raw on the AH (think Moss Agate etc.).  I don't use this method personally, but it comes from two reliable sources, with many behind them backing it up.

New Tabs!
It's funny that Leeu ended up asking this question, because I had already been writing a post I was going to come out with today, and it coincides well with this question.  Yesterday someone asked me a question and I wanted to link them to one of my past posts for more info, and I found that going through my blog to find some useful information can be tedious.  To that extent, I've compiled a list of my still-relevant past posts, and put it under a Gold Making Ideas tab in the top bar of my blog.  I organized the post subjects the best I could, but if you're ever looking for some inspiration, or a new market to dive into, this will hopefully be an invaluable resource.  So go check it out and dive into some new markets!


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  1. Here's a crazy idea me and a friend came up with. We've been doing good on our market, made 20k last week for ourselves which was great! But because of this our guild leader appointed us to handle the guild bank. >.< but on a flip side with all that stock, a lot extra or from cata, we made 20k last night alone! So we were thinking, why not offer to buy out a guilds bank? I'm sure thread tons of people/guilds with more than they know what to do with. What do you think?

    1. Already nice post on the Consortium forums about this...

    2. Yeah, that's the thread you want to use, but watch out, as it's really easy to get scammed doing this, and Blizzard "doesn't support" guild selling, so you won't necessarily get refunded if a deal goes sour.


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