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Blacksmithing Guide to Lightning Steel Ingot

If you haven't realized already, Phase 4 has opened on the Isle of Thunder, and the mob that drops the pattern for the new Blacksmith daily cooldown Lightning Steel IngotItoka, is now spawning.  This post will summarize all you need to know about it!

Daily Cooldown
Lightning Steel Ingot are made by a cooldown also named Lightning Steel Ingot, which requires 10x Ghost Iron Bar, and has a research aspect.  With the research you can learn a plethora of new patterns, such as the Crafted Dreadful sets and the 522 patterns that require Haunting Spirit from Throne of Thunder.

Crafting with Lightning Steel
Lightning Steel is actually only used in a grand total of 18 patterns.  The first 6 you get when first completing the chain from killing Itoka.  Each of these "Phase 1", ilvl 463 weapons are then used as a reagent in crafting "Phase 2" weapons, epics of ilvl 476.  From there, those Phase 2 items are used as reagents in crafting ilvl 502 (raid finder) weapons, that have item models of old no longer obtainable weapons for potential transmogging.

Phase 1
Phase 1 requires 5 Lightning Steel Ingot, 3 Spirit of Harmony, and  2-3 Living Steel.  All these patterns are learned initially when doing the quest from Itoka.  All phase weapons are BoE (see chart below for links), and are required as a reagent, and also unlock the patterns for the Phase 2 weapons.

Phase 2
You learn the recipe for all Phase 2 weapons by crafting their Phase 1 counterparts.  Mats are 10 Lightning Steel Ingot, 6 Spirit of Harmony, and  4 or 6 Living Steel.

Phase 3
You learn the recipe for all Phase 3 weapons by crafting their Phase 2 counterparts.  Mats are 15 Lightning Steel Ingot, 9 Spirit of Harmony, and  6 or 9 Living Steel.

As you can see the mats to craft an ilvl 502 weapon are astronomical, so there will probably be a limited market for these, at the price they'd go for.  The chart below summarizes the evolution models with Wowhead links.  Phase 3 is not on Wowhead yet, so they are links.

L.S. P1 Phase 1 Version (ilvl 463) L.S. P2 Phase 2 Version (ilvl 476) L.S. P3 Phase 3 Version (ilvl 502)
2 The Planar Edge, Reborn 4 Black Planar Edge, Reborn 6 Wicked Edge of the Planes, Reborn
2 Drakefist Hammer, Reborn 6 Dragonmaw, Reborn 6 Dragonstrike, Reborn
2 Fireguard, Reborn 4 Blazeguard, Reborn 6 Blazefury, Reborn
3 Thunder, Reborn 4 Deep Thunder, Reborn 9 Stormherald, Reborn
3 Lunar Crescent, Reborn 6 Mooncleaver, Reborn 9 Bloodmoon, Reborn
3 Lionheart Blade, Reborn 6 Lionheart Champion, Reborn 9 Lionheart Executioner, Reborn

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, the evolution of the models via their pictures (Click to enlarge).


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  1. This was a really useful post! I'm not actually planning on selling these myself (except maybe as requests), but I want a couple things for mogging purposes and was wondering how the recipes would work.

  2. Thank you so much! Best explanation about this Ive found.

  3. i am about 2 days away from phase 2 weapon. I plan on selling phase 3 weapon, bloodmoon -> 2h axe with nice stats.

    What do you think the starting price for these phase 3 weapons should be? 100 - 150k? or more in the 60-100k range?

    I think there will be very few crafters who will actually be willing to sell them versus use them for themselves.

  4. Very detailed information Phats. Glad lots of work went into it!

  5. I am on azshara , a very tiny server, I can't see people paying the 20k for tier 2 or 10k for tier 1. I made the tier 1 2h dps, like a silver pitch fork , I think its the lunar cresent, put it up for 10k... don't think its gonna sell no matter what.

  6. Thanks for the post, this was really useful!

    Pretty annoyed there is nothing suitable for a warlock in all these.


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