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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/6

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Yes it's Wednesday again!  5.2 dropped yesterday, and so far I've enjoyed the patch.  Selling lots of gems and enchants (especially PvP ones), and I have gotten my 2 new PvP patterns for Tailoring.

Earlier today, I was lucky enough to get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen and take a run through the new solo scenario, and I was pleased with the results.  Definitely need to refine my strategy, but it is a very interesting way to make some bonus gold, and I enjoyed it!  I will definitely be searching for the keys once an established credible source is in Wowhead.  Until then killing rares of course, and treasure hunting!

This week yet again I am up ~100k to 1,772,114g.  I should be hitting my pre-Invincible liquid gold total some time in the coming week, and if I keep up at this rate I'll hit 2 million before spring!  Here's a quick snapshot of my inflows/outflows this week:

Like last week, relatively low on the investment side, but considering that I did not have much time to play this weekend, I'm pleased with my results.  Had a lot of gem sales yesterday (iSold was going crazy), and that added to the high profits.  

Darkmoon Gold
This week was the DMF, and I sold about 22 cards, at a good profit.  I'm still a bit hesitant on this market for the duration of 5.2, but right now it's still remaining solid.  I'll definitely be doing the cooldown in the weeks between the faires, not sure how I'll use them yet.  Definitely considering crafting the BoA with my priest and druid healers next on the ranks to be leveled, but I'm going to keep an eye on herb prices before I stop crafting DMF cards.

Transmog Lulz
Had a pretty funny altercation with a player this week while reposting on my transmog seller, thought I'd share:

Panic (Ghost Iron) Ore
Today I missed out on the first dumping of Panic Ore on my server.  After the API came back up, I got an email saying there were over 150 stacks for really cheap.  Eight minutes later when I checked the AH for them, they were sold out.  I think it's pretty evident there's no real necessary reason to power level BS at this point with Phase 4 at least a few weeks away, and I'm hoping there's more panic on my server and I can get some great deals this upcoming week.  Only time will tell!

So how was your week in gold making, and how's 5.2 treating you?


Phat Lewts

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  1. I'm doing great! Floating around 20k on the AH right now, not as massive as you, but great for me! I'm currently making a killing with cards, gems and buckles. Slowly xmuting my trillium that I saved up, because my server has tanked the market on it, but wondering if I should hold onto some for when people start going through the Lehendary quests and need 40 bars. What do you think?

    1. If the market is down, why not buy? If you can transmute Living Steel at a profit, grab some cheap trillium. Like you said it'll go back up in a few weeks or however long it takes to start handing in the legendary, and demand will definitely increase a bit. Right now for the most part the demand comes from Living Steel transmutes, 6 a day. When you can hand in the quest each player that can is going to want 2 additional stacks from the AH, so something where you can't lose, especially if you can transmute it easily

    2. Sounds like a plan to me! Thanks!

  2. Ey,

    What do you think that will happen to the mop blues market now they changed the scaling of the stats etc inside bgs?

    Prices are droppping on my realm.

    Stats are now scaled as if you were 84. So if you are an 80, the crit % etc drop down significantly. Also, the % to hit someone is calculated is if you were 80. Pretty bad i think. Therefore they somehow eliminated 80 twinks i guess.

    1. I'd say this market should stay relatively sound. If prices are dropping, it's probably not in response to the patch, it's been 2 days, I don't think anyone is panicking about the blue gear which isn't a daily seller.

      The blue gear is BiS throught 84, and with the gear scaling, it will give the characters more stamina, at lower levels, so low levels might be MORE inclined to buy it instead of less.

  3. Hi Phat

    On my server DMF cards are very slow to shift this week and they are way down on value - i'll see how this month goes then that may have to be it for me.

    Shoulder inscriptions on the other hand are now selling like hot cakes again, and are 400% up on price - which is almost compensating for lack of card sales.

    I'm in my second ever week for flipping Cata & Mop greens - now have 70 items listed, and yesterday sold bucket loads - which is sooo different to my first week - I made as much gold in one day yesterday as I did in my first whole week. SO very glad I started that.

    Finally JC is more like it was when i started making gold during cata - fast selling and high prices. I don't think it will last, but i'm making hay while the sun shines.

    So yesterday was a big day - hoping the weekend stays that way.


  4. I stocked up on ghost iron ore before 5.2 but I did it from current sales and not from withdrawing any gold (for the most part) from the bank. So while I wasn't depositing large amounts of gold in the bank, when 5.2 did hit, I had a large supply of ghost iron ore and was still up 100k-200k in gold. So in this way I have no push or feel the need to rush to unload this ore, and when the new LFRs hit I think I can at least turn it into a nice profit on the gem market if everything else fails to materialize.

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