Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/12

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I'm doing my weekly review today because I will be unavailable all day tomorrow, but normal Wednesday weekly reviews will resume next week.  In the past 6 days I am up over 133k gold.  That's over 20k a day, which are some nice post-patch numbers, at least on my server!

Glyph Mania
I really wish I could say I owe a lot of this to the patch, and gems/enchants all selling well, but in the past 6 days I've made 35k g in glyphs alone.  Now I'm on a small-mid pop server, and there are a few major players in the glyph market, but none of them showed up this week!  I was able to post lots of glyphs at fallback, and raked in quite a bit of gold because of it.

I've been using my method for Twink gear almost daily now (used to only repost every 48 hrs), and now I'm seeing some nice results every day.  I like shying away from the useless gear, and having it rot on the AH, keeps prices low.  My inventory has already been paid for by the gold I've made, but I'm getting quite a few of each item on backlog, and may start to disenchant some of them.

Patch Profits
I must add to all of this that the patch has been treating me well.  Gem sales are through the roof, and Ghost Iron prices are right where they were pre-patch.  I was hoping for a little more of a dump, with some low prices, but haven't seen it on my relatively small server, but I hope some of you are able to reap the benefits of the Great Specualtion of 5.2.  I was up a lot this week, especially considering I was focusing less on my gold making and more on the new content.  I'm pleased with the results.  How have patch 5.2 sales gone for you thusfar?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Don't abandon hope on those price dumps just yet. If this was patch 4.2, you would have seen prices far higher. The mere fact we're sitting where we were the night before the patch should tell everyone something.

  2. I'm starting to see a turn around on ghost iron and trillium on my server, there was a huge drop in price, I took your advice and now they're almost double what that were!

  3. Enchants, Leg enhancements, shoulder enchants are selling great. Cant cut gems fast enough to keep them in stock.

    1. I was having the same problem. Luckily my supplier who stopped farming ore for a few weeks is back and ready to supply me in bulk!


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