Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phat's Weekly Review 3/21

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This week has been painfully slow for me gold making wise.  My numbers are based on an 8 day week (numbers from yesterday).  My new gold total is 1,968,760g for an 8 day increase of only 62,800g, dismally low considering that I made twice that in only 6 days last week.

So here is the section where I list all my excuses, but honestly, this week's lack of income can be attributed to laziness.  I make about 5k/day selling glyphs, and I only posted them twice this week.  Shame on me.  On top of that I did not play much this weekend due to St. Patrick's Day festivities.  All is good though, I'm on track to hit 2 million by Friday (hopefully)

This week I did manage to prospect and cut 250 stacks of GIO that I had been putting off for a while.  I actually ran out of a few cuts, which is when I knew I had to do something about it.  On top of that I DE'd all the resulting rings/necks for enchanting mats and crafted scrolls, I shuffled this week more than I have in the past month, which is promising for me actually hitting my 2 million mark some time in the very near future.  My realm's market value is 3.6 million.  Considering my transmog seller controls about 1.2 million of that, and my gems/glyphs/enchants account four another .5 million, and I have 2 TCG mounts that add up to .3 million, I can buy out my server's auction house today.  Fun facts.

TSM Application
Sapu, Lead Developer of TSM, linked to some interesting stats this week about the TSM App on twitter.  Quick aside for those of you who don't use it: the TSMApp is a free application that updates your scan data every hour so you never have to scan the AH in-game. The stats can be found here.  The stats are from people currently running the app, and in order they are the current version everyone is using, followed by the number of realms that people have set up for each individual tab.  Just thought some of you might find it interesting.  Also you all should follow Sapu on Twitter, as well TSM's twitter page.  Be up to date on your favorite addon!  I hope you all had a more product


Phat Lewts

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  1. god, your server sounds so easy i'm jealous. How can you possibly make 5k a day in glyphs. The glpyh market on my server is completely broken on both sides.

    The main problem is that glyph's don't move at all since they are learned and not replaced like the old days everytime you want to switch a glyph.

    I get undercut at least 3 times a day on every glyph and I correct that undercut at least 4 times by undercutting myself, but there are simply zero sales in the glyph market.

    The diamond market, even worst. We have most cut gems now selling cheaper than raw gems. Out of every 10 cut gems I would be lucky if one sells a day.

    I am making all my money on uncut pandaria gems at the moment.

  2. The comment that your server sounds so easy isnt necessarily how I see it. If your posting half of a servers auctions then what are your ongoing listing fees. Does transmog (higher listing fees) really turn enough volume to warrant such a large posting? I know nothing of your market but to have so much up on the AH of a smaller economy just doesnt feel like the server will last long term. I know on my server where I too can buy out the servers economy of somewhere between 3-4million I only account for 1/8th of the postings. I myself have narrowed what I post and quantities of what gets posted. Gold making is still fairly consistent with a typical day being 10-12k of profit(after factoring in expenses).

    I have changed my listing strategy and find with less postings and key listing times I am making more than I have in the past. I will say the other wealthy people have left the market as once you have a few million there is little need for more gold. This hasnt stopped me for staying active in the market but it is definitely a minor part of my activity in wow.

    I would suggest you examine the quantity of what you list and the average length of time to sell to see if there is a more effective way to keep your gold volume with less effort.


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