Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: 4/3

This week was a pretty laid back one for me.  After last week, pushing to hit 2 million, I had a busy weekend, and I haven't been keeping up on my crafting.  I might keep with this pattern, I'm in a gold making sort of slump, not particularly interested in pushing my goldmaking to the utmost limit right now, I'd rather catch up on other things in game.  All that aside, I still made over 125k this week, up to a total of 2,253,665g, a great spot considering the lack of effort!

Return of Glyph Competition
This week took an interesting turn when a familiar (but long inactive) face came back to my glyph market.  A sight of exasperation was let out when I saw they were back.  They are one of the folks who will camp the AH to no end, and before their return, the glyph market had been less and less cutthroat (post and leave it) for a while, but I expect that to change if they're back for good.  This means one of two things: either I'm going to give up glyphs all together, or I'm going to cross my fingers and hope they're only back for the 1 week free trial.

Blog Updates
Last week's lack of Reader Request Phriday post because I didn't get any submissions, quite the contrary really, I got some great prompts, but I did not have the time that I thought necessary to properly address each topic.  This next week my hectic schedule is going to continue, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to update as often as I have been, but I'll try to get some interesting content out there for you guys to chew on.  

"Community" Issues
Over the last week a lot has been thrown back and forth about the WoW gold making community, and I really don't have much to add to the discussion so I've mainly stayed out of it, but for those who are interested, Zerohour put out a really great article that sums it up beautifully, for those who are interested.

Holiday Fun
This week I've decided to partake in the Noblegarden festivities, and have completed all the sub achievements for the meta achievement, meaning I only have one left.  Unfortunately the true reason I don't have this achievement is because I really hate Midsummer Festival, and I avoid partaking at all costs.  Unfortunately it can no longer be avoided.

Also in case you haven't noticed they buffed the spawn rate for the eggs, most likely because of easily avoidable, but unchecked CRZ issues.


Phat Lewts

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