Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aftermath - How I Fared in 5.0.4

So 5.0.4 dropped a week ago today, and I personally have made 110,780g since the patch dropped.

Glyphmas 1.5
Yes Inks were still tradeable, but I made out pretty well precrafting.  I ended up with 11 of each glyph I could make (I was aiming for 20) and was able to sell off a good amount of them.  Of my 110k I made this week, 73k (roughly 2/3rds) of it was from glyphs.  This was honestly as good as I could have expected even if inks were made untradeable.  One thing that I did notice, and I don't know if it was intentional or not: one of my main competitors stopped having glyphs to post, most likely because he did not attempt to actually trade his Blackfallow Ink, and does not know about the lack of change.  I'll take it!

AoE Looting
So with AoE looting coming out with the patch, and I had to put it to it's test!  I must say I am impressed with the system.  I didn't find the system to be buggy at all, in fact it worked a lot better than I had hoped for.  The radius for AoE looting is relatively large, much larger than I had expected.  I started my testing out on the grinding spot in Deepholm using Potion of Treasure Finding.

The loot in Deepholm is pretty great as we all know.  The thing was did it speed it up enough to make it "worthwhile"?

Below is a table of data for what I was able to farm in one hour (using a Potion of Treasure Finding that I payed 100g for).

Honestly I'm not too impressed with the results.  For results like this, I'd rather get on an under utilized crafting alt and not waste my time farming these adds, but if this looks like returns you'd like, by all means go get it!  Personally I'm going to reward my farming (since I have the cloth) by crafting all 26 slots for my transmog seller, it's a long time coming!

Below is a table with results from 1 hour of farming

Material Mean Price Per
 (via TUJ)
Total Gold from Item
39 Stacks Embersilk Cloth
16 Volatile Fire
5g 71s
91g 36s
22 Volatile Air
12g 71s
279g 62s
7 Volatile Earth
21 Volatile Life
3g 35s
70g 35s
13 Volatile Water
7g 57s
98g 41s
15 Pyrite Ore
3g 74c
56g 1s
14 Elementium Ore
2g 37s
33g 18s
Assorted Vendor Trash
GRAND TOTAL ---->3,624g 2s per hour

One thing I did forget while farming in Deepholm is that I now have the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth on all my alts, providing a insta-vendor to whomever needs it.  Also, I vendored all the greens I got and added it to Assorted Vendor Trash instead of trying to sell them on the AH, because I'm lazy, so you can take that into account.

Mr Grubbs
I had mentioned in a previous post I had mentioned that I was going to wait to check out farming for Mr. Grubbs as a Rare Battle Pet via AoE looting.  While the spawn time of the adds is a bit long, I just thought I'd share the method I found to be most useful.  Go up to Zul'Mashar in Eastern Plaguelands, and kill all the zombie trolls that spawn in the graves.  Log another toon for a few minutes, switch back and repeat.  Took me about 24 bags and I usually got 3-4 per slaying*.
*Results are not typical.  Your results may vary.  Discuss your general health status with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to use Phat Lewts' Farming Advice.  Side effects of taking this advice may include, but are not limited to: increased gold making, extra companion pets, boosted gold making ego, and/or, in extreme cases, death.   If gold making lasts more than 4 hours, consult your physician immediately.

I'm going to be trying AQ when I get around to it, but haven't had a lot of time to actually get out and play this week, hopefully more farming info to come.

Other Notes
I was really sad Mogit wasn't available for the first few days of the patch, but it got a really nice facelift, make sure you download the most recent version and check it out!  Also, TSM performed as flawlessly as possible so a definite bump to Sapu and anyone on the TSM team helping that transition go over smoothly.  Also vendor sorting is a cool little addition that I hadn't been expecting but am so far enjoying with playing.  They have a "BoE" filter which I think can prove to be particularly useful.  That's all for me, what was your favorite part of 5.0.4?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Not selling the greens is a HUGE mistake. They go for anywhere from 200-400g, on my server at least.

    Judging by the screenshot you have of your bags, you missed out on 1500g give or take.

    As for Glyphmas, I too increased my holdings from barely 200k to almost 325k on my realm from glyphs alone! xD It was a good week to be an inscriptionist!

    1. Yeah I was just testing it out, so I did not care to sell them nor disenchant them if they didn't sell. The main problem with the ones here is that if they don't sell by MoP you're not getting your gold. MoP is going to introduce a new 83-84 twink gear category, which will blow this Cata stuff out of the water.

  2. Where is your grinding spot in Deepholm?


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