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Enchanters: Work your Cooldown!

Today I'm going to be doing a post for all my enchanters out there.

Maxing your Enchanting with JC
Feel free to skip this section if you're at 600 already.
Since I had a Jewelcrafter and a Tailor I needed (wanted) to get to 600, I figured they can help each other out.  First start by prospecting 15(ish) stacks of Ghost Iron Ore.  Once you have your common gems, instead of cutting useless gem cuts, make Ornate Bands then Shadowfire Necklaces to disenchant.  This is what is suggested by wow-professions anyway until 527, I suggest going past that.  Craft it until you cant craft them anymore!  Then send em off to your Enchanter to use as enchanting mats to level enchanting.  **Note that you can now convert 5 Dusts to 1 Essence.  Do it until you have the ratio you need.  Enchanting 525-600 is a cakewalk after this, I suggest using the wow-professions enchanting guide. Congratulations!

Enchanting Cooldown!
That's right, enchanting has a daily cooldown this time around, namely to create the new Maelstrom, Sha Crystal.  These are most likely going to be in high demand the first few weeks, when raid gear won't be disenchanted (as much). The new Weapon and Bracer enchants require these (at 10 per and 6 per respectively), so the raiders will want to get their hands on these Crystals.  Since you can convert from Dusts -> Essences -> Shards -> Crystal, there are a few ways you can start out.  The Sha Crystal daily CD requires either:

5 Etherial Shards
25 Mysterious Essence
125 Spirit Dust

If you disenchant your gear as you level your enchanter or get some Shards from dungeons, you will easily be able to do this CD with all the mats you have.  Check your prices to see which of these is cheapest and convert it up the ladder!  This may not stay valuable as raid gear gets disenchanted in the future, but for the next few weeks, I imagine it will!

As always consult your servers auction house before starting this method.  Side effects include making gold, selling valuable enchanting mats, and having your friends ask you for gold.  Consult a doctor if gold making lasts more than 4 hours.


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