Sunday, April 1, 2012

Endless Gold

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Today I've decided to come clean.  Amongst the gold community we have a sacred trust in one another, not to let slip the most ultimate gold making strategies, but I just couldn't hold it in anymore, and keeping the secret from you has been tearing me apart.

How to Get More Gold Than You Ever Imagined
It's simple.  You don't need 10 85s on a server, no alchemy, no inscription, no jewelcrafting.  Forget the Shuffle, forget Transmog, forget Milling, forget Transmute cooldowns.  It's the secret that all the gold makers have been keeping from you since day one!  It's the profession combination that's  SO EFFECTIVE that gold bloggers and podcasters have actually been telling you NOT to do them so that they can keep all the profits to themselves.  If you are one of my astute readers, you know that the combination is none other that Mining and Herbalism.  This is THE deadly combo among deadly combos in the gold making field.  Getting these two professions to max level is like opening your very own gold factory.  After this post I'm probably going to be shunned from the gold making community, but I look forward to the continued support of my readers.  I hope you continue to read this blog even though you now have the most effective gold making tip available, and nothing could live up to this.


Phat Lewts


  1. Worst tip i've ever seen on this website

    1. This is the greatest comment I've ever seen on this website

  2. LoL. I love April Fools Day :)

  3. This actually works as you are leveling an 85 up. Did this on a rogue on a new server by the time i hit 85 had 310 flying and a spare 50k to play with. :)

  4. Totally agree... Guaranteed profit, low risk, your only investment is time.... When MOP hits you will be able to BANK too... I am specifically leveling a Druid Herber/miner for MOP.

    There are couple things you have to do to make gold... Cut costs and sell for profit... Gathering cuts your costs to just time and your profit margin is 100%...

  5. Phat held back on one key peice of information! If you are going to have both mining and Herbalism as professions then you have to be a Druid! As a Druid you can fly down, gather or mine and change forms again usually without pulling Aggro from surrounding mobs. In Uldum and Deepholm it's like gathering money.


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