Monday, January 20, 2014

Contest Update/Drunken Musings # 7

Scoreboard's up! As the time ticks down on our competition (just over 3 days left as I write this), me and selltacular decided to start a tracking system so you can all see where we are! The scoreboard is live on my blog and is updated as regularly as possible!

As you may or may not know, Selltacular of Copper to Gold and I are in a two week competition currently to see who can make the most gold on (Alliance/Horde) a single faction of a new server for the two of us. We will be donating it all to Wowprofitz's Amazing Superiour Awesome Mega Ultimate Supreme Holy Cow That's a Truckload of Gold and Prizes Twitch Follower Giveaway.

To read more about the competition itself, check out my official release post, Selltacular's post with official rules, and my weekly review post from this week and from last week to see what I've been doing!

Drunken Musings # 7
This past Saturday GoblinRaset and I recorded our most recent episode of the Drunken Musings Podcast with special guest Kyran. Trust me this was one of our best episodes yet and is well worth the listen! We covered a lot of WoD news/speculation and gave out some great TSM tips and shot the shit as always. You can check it out here!


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