Friday, January 31, 2014

Preparing for Connected Realm Gold Making

So I recently found out that my home realm, Shattered Halls, will be connected to a already connected realm, Kalecgos/Executus. I must say I've been watching the blue posts about this like a hawk, and I did not see this added in. The other day I saw someone in trade advertising a guild on the new server I'm being connected to, and checked the blue posts and low and behold, it was true!

Scoping out the New Realm
The first thing I did once I confirmed it was actually happening, was go over to The Undermine Journal and scope out my new realm. I looked at my primary markets, most notably Jewelcrafting, and found things like this:

First of all the pricing is pretty all over the place, but note that 4 of the better selling cuts are all going for ~300g. This screenshot was from today, and when I originally checked days ago, this was also the case. Very strange that they can maintain it.

So after seeing this I decided to roll a level 1 and get my hands into the AH a bit, and see it first hand, and I must say thy have quite a bizarre economy going on over there. First of all let me note that according to realmpop, these 2 already-connected realms combined have the same population as my current realm. So right now we're about the same size. Looking through the AH though, there's no one name that you see repeated throughout gems or throughout almost any market. They seem devoid of big fish, which is a little disappointing to me. I was hoping for some new competition, but it just seems I'll have (mostly) a bigger audience. I know this is not likely the end of our connections, but I feel like I'll be competing with my same marketeers that I have been on my main realm all along, they may get more serious about it though with the increased gold making potential.

Going Overboard
So something I was just toying around with doing on this new realm, and I wasn't at first overly serious about it was rolling 11 DKs on each of the 2 servers I'm getting merged with, and parking them for rested XP. Well last night while listening to the live recording of Late Nite With Stede # 017, I took the plunge:

The theory is, once I build up enough of a bank of rested, in my spare time throughout the end of this expansion and into WoD, I can rotate through the characters from 1-22, leveling each through their rested, and by the time I return to 1 I'll have full rested XP. Now getting out of the starting zone alone will be roughly 22 hours of play time alone, so this is a really bad idea, and realistically I will probably never even bother to get this project off the ground. Leveling DKs is something that I enjoy (particularly through BC) so it'll be fun in my spare time.

About 18 of these 22 are goblins though, so they will have an easy time leveling up Alchemy. Okay I have a problem, I get it. Really really don't think I'll end up finishing this, but I've already rolled 4 DKs on other realms into the 80s for fun, so really that time would equate to 8 DKs here, so feasible. At the absolute least I will have a lot more posting toons which will be fun. Not intending to pour copious amounts of time into leveling them, just down time if/when I have it from crafting/raiding. Already have more than enough profession slots on my main server to keep my empire running for a long long time.

Alright that's it for this post, but you'll definitely be hearing about this after I get connected on Thursday, February 6th! Very much looking forward to some analysis after I've been on a while. Even before I'm connected though, I'm starting to realize (which is something I overlooked in the past) is that connections will all have unique components to them. There's no do x for maximum profit for all connections, it's just not going to work out that way when you combine two unique server groups.


Phat Lewts


  1. My realm, Suramar was connected to Draka on Dec 23rd, not much of a difference to me, but my main markets are x-mog, 77-79 cata greens and the "Uber" MoP blues. I have been making more gold than usual,and there is no real competition in these areas. BUT, I do dabble a little in the glyph market, before the merge most glyphs were about 50 to 75 with a few going up to 500, now they are mostly in the 10 to 20 range and max out at 75. There are even a lot that don't make my base price of 10.

    There is one big player that came from Draka that has dominated their gem, glyph and enchants market that has seemed to drive down the prices quite a bit.

  2. Looks like you got it easy. I was hoping to get connected to the two realms in my datacenter that are close in size to my server, but instead we got announced with a server twice as large as ours. Finished products are 50% or less of what they are on my realm and raw materials are mostly 50% or more higher.

  3. When my realm was connected the first week of my Glyph sales were doubled then all of a sudden there were 12 new players posting glyphs for stupid prices they were posting single stacks of 12 of each Glyph for 2% of the market price. After looking into the player's on TUJ (The Undermine Journal) and it's a boyfriend girlfriend guild and all there alts doing the posting. I just don't understand why anyone would be doing this when they could be making a ton of gold it's really frustrating because the Glyph profession is very time consuming I dont see a end to the madness and I'm not going to sell a 300 gold glyph for 10 gold.

  4. I've already done what you're proposing... only instead of DK's i just rolled basic characters... taurens and humans mostly... found hunters easiest and fastest to level... I just ground until lvl 6-7 or so... or more accurately until i had about a stack or so of linen cloth and a green drop or 2... then went to the nearest capital to sell my stuff... rolled the proceeds over into vendor sale items and cheap bid items i knew i could flip and viola! starting gold with less time invested per character

    Once i amassed a few thousand gold I parked them (my realm merger hasn't been announced yet) but being rppvp I was pretty well able to narrow my choices. Once the merge is announced I can concentrate on the right servers...

    Total invested so far is ~5-8 hours of play time

  5. I've been on Executus for a little over a year now... the Alliance side of AH is pretty dead.... but the Horde side is a bit more "robust" for lack of a better term... it's better, but not a lot better. It seems there are people so desperate for a few gold that they would sell their porsche for $10 just to have something in their pockets... kinda sad


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