Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drunken Musings Episode # 5

Long time readers will probably know about my podcast, but for ~5 episodes last year me and GoblinRaset from The Drunken Mogul would get on skype and discuss gold making topics while getting drunk. It is formally called The Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers, Drunken Musings for short. This past September we recorded our most recent (yikes) episode and had an all star lineup of guests, Stede from Late Nite With Stede, Profitz from WowProfitz, and Erogroth former cohost of the PW:G Podcast and writer of Get Rich WoW.

Anyway, the point is, GoblinRaset stopped playing WoW shortly thereafter and never edited/posted this podcast, but now he's back around, and finally got his act together and posted it on his website. It's about 3 months out of date, but it's kind of interesting to see how the game has changed since 5.4 dropped, and some of the people on the podcast's attitudes about WoW shift dramatically (looks at Stede/Profitz).

WowProfitz Giveaway
During the podcast we increased our bet as to who would be able to better predict when Connected Realms would roll out. After a bit of conversation, we decided that I won, because as of today Connected Realms are still being rolled out, and I had the later guess of the two of us. I won 100k gold, and decided to put it towards a good cause. Wowprofitz is working on a project to reach 1,000 Twitch followers, and as of this posting, over 575,000 g has been added to his prize pool when he hits 1,000. I had no need for the gold on Raset's server, and GoblinRaset has graciously agreed to donate my winnings to Profitz's cause.
Check it out here!

Episode # 5 Link!
Finally, the podcast, containing the Infamous Noodle Cart Rant of 2013 is now released for your listening pleasure, Enjoy.


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