Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WoDcast & Live Recording Drunken Musings Thursday, Jan 9th @ 9pm EST

Hey everyone! I know I just announced that we released (our long awaited) Episode 5 of the Drunken Musings Podcast, but I have 2 more podcasting related announcements!

Earlier today I recorded an episode of WoDcast with someone you may be familiar with as Marthius from The Consortium Forums:
For Reference!
Anyway, he recently started a blog over at called Every Last Copper, as well as a podcast called WoDcast, and I was happy to be one of his first interviews for the show! He plans on doing a midweek segment interviewing gold makers from all walks of the gold making community, and it seems like it's going to be a really great podcast you all will enjoy.

Drunken Musings Episode 6!
Tomorrow, you can watch live at 9pm EST on Thursday as me and GoblinRaset record the 6th episode of the Drunken Musings of Insane GoldMakers Podcast. As always we will be drinking and streaming live on GoblinRaset's Twitch account, and will be answering listener questions at the end of the podcast, hope you all can join us at some point! We also have a drinking game that goes along with the podcast (take a drink every time the word gold is mentioned), so play along and see if you still have a pulse at the end!

If you cannot make it (probably most of the EU, sorry guys no day drinking for us tomorrow), feel free to leave your question as a comment to this post, or Tweet it @PhatLewtsGold, and I'll bring it along for the show! As always I will cross post Raset's blog post here when the podcast is live!


Phat Lewts

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  1. Hello Phat Lewts,

    Cool well I might have a look see how it integrates and whats a Drunken Musings Episode 6. It would be cool if it pulled all the auctions from everyone's multi site and stuck em on a single page. Like an “ending soon” page. Bit of global exposure.

    It would be cool if it could recognize similar categories and group stuff in these too. Maybe getting a bit complex there though.

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