Sunday, January 5, 2014

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 1/4

So for me this week has been an all posting, no crafting kind of week. I honestly haven't been in game much other than to post a few times a day. I may or may not have bought the Bioshock trilogy during the Steam sale and I may or may not be devoting godless amounts of time to playing through it. Anyway, here's the breakdown by the numbers:

In the last 7 days I spent 15,009g which turns out to be ~2k a day. This mostly CODs of ore and herbs from my suppliers for the most part this week. Might have splurged on some leather while crafting my LW CDs, but honestly no day this past week did I spend more than 2 hours in WoW. I'm doing a Cooldowns -> Post -> Logout cycle.

The way I craft is such that I can repost the same things (usually enhancements/gems/PvP gear what have you) without having to have a crating stage, so a lot of times I don't even visit the mailbox, just withdraw post cap from the bank with TSM, which is really great for times like now when I don't craft. I am honestly starting to feel a bit of drag in the game. There's no new anything on the horizon and there's nothing new and challenging in game at this point (that interests me at least). Basically just crafting and profiting from the same items that are go-tos. Thinking about getting a bit more creative in the near future, but only time will tell if that pans out.


Phat Lewts

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