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Alliance vs. Horde Goldmaking Contest/Bloodbath

So it all started out with a tweet surrounding Wowprofitz 1.2 Million+ Gold Giveaway, plus a little Horde/Alliance bias, but isn't that how all great WoW conflicts start?

Of course this sparked up a debate between Selltacular and I, and he challenged me to a "duel", in terms of who could make more gold (on their faction) in a set amount of time on a server with a roughly 1-1 A:H ratio. We got into Skype and hammered out the details, and the summary is: we're rolling lvl 1s on each respective faction, using no means of transferring gold from other servers (BoAs okay but just for leveling) and a 2 week time frame starting from the 9th (so today's actually the 3rd day), and we've rolled on an RP server because we will be donating the gold to Profitz's prize pool, and we figured we could make the most gold on that type of server when comparing all the 1-1 ratioish servers out there. Official explanation can be found on Selltacular's post here. I'm going to write up my weekly review tomorrow, and the focus will be on this alt server for the review, so that will be interesting I think, seeing how I fared on a new server starting with nothing!


Phat Lewts


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Phat Lewts