Thursday, May 9, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 5/8

Getting this one out a day late, but numbers reflect the week ending on 5/8.

Another week another...42k.  A mediocre showing, putting me just short of 2.5 million liquid, but considering the level of crafting I did this week and the weeks previous, I'd expect more, but I'll get into that.

Breakdown of Incomes
Below I'm going to do a rough breakdown to give you an idea of where I made the most gold this week.  The highest income comes from my main which is not only a function of how much they sell but how many times per day I am able to post auctions (usually post max of once/day from other alts).

Gems/Leg & Shoulder Enchants/Tailoring PvP gear- 37k
DMF Trinkets - 16k
Alliance Flipping - 8k
Horde Flipping - 8k
Enchants - 6.5k
Glyphs - 4k
BS PvP Gear - 3k
Engineering Products - 1.4k

Slumps and Ruts
Based on my numbers, and other's tales of current gold making, it feels as if we've all hit that "end of patch slump".  That time in the patch where less people are playing (approximately 14% less), less people are getting new gear, and sales dive a bit.  I think that it's majorly the reason why my sales numbers are low, but for me it's even worse because I get in a rut when I don't make sales.  For me low sales translate into low motive for posting, which translate into less postings and even lower sales.  It's a vicious cycle!  Regardless, I've still been posting from my main a lot to make up for the lack of reposting on my alts.  I'm hoping for 5.3 soon, and that it revitalizes the market.  Only time will tell.

Facepalm of the Week
Today's facepalm of the week is brought to you by Cataclysm Epic Gems.  For all your out of date gemming needs, pick Cataclysm Epic Gems!

That's all for this week, keeping it short and sweet.


Phat Lewts

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