Monday, May 20, 2013

My 5.3 Preparations

Since 5.3 is dropping tomorrow I just figured that it's finally time to actually answer the question I've been putting off for weeks (not that I have a complex response, sorry), "What are you doing to prepare for 5.3?" as well as "What are you stockpiling for 5.3?"


Okay I'm not doing "Nothing" per say, but I'm not stockpiling, nor am I doing anything super secret or innovative in preparation for patch day tomorrow.  I'm crafting ahead of time, at least a full stack of each cut of gem, especially the PvP related ones, as well as 1 of every Crafted Dreadful piece, enchants, belt buckles, the usual, nothing out of the ordinary.  As with any other major patch, more players will be coming to the game, more people will be getting gear, and more people will be buying enhancements for their items.

The one thing I am doing that may be (but probably isn't) slightly innovative is crafting some epic WotLK PvP cuts.  Who knows how these upcoming PvP changes will effect the 70s bracket, but I know regardless the gems will sell, just hoping they sell at a faster rate after the patch drops.

That's really it.  Just prepping as if it were any other patch, doing the basics.  Will be very interesting to see how the economy changes, but I'm honestly mostly interested in playing through the new story line for the first time.  Hope you all have a great patch day, and if you're doing something special for the patch, feel free to leave it in the comments!


Phat Lewts
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