Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding your Gold Making Niche

So during GoblinRaset's Roundtable Podcast that I recently participated in, we talked about our favorite "Niche Markets", and today I wanted to write about a similar topic, finding your own niche within the gold making World (of Warcraft).  

Be sure to check out the episode of The Drunken Mogul's Happy Hour Podcast Episode 1 here.

Finding Your Niche
If you've listened to the show, or when you do (*nudge nudge*), you'll notice that we don't all have the same methods to making gold.  Erogroth for example tends to focus almost exclusively on flipping markets, with a bit of professions mixed in.  Others tend to do a bit of everything, like Jim Younkin or myself.  Profitz on the other hand likes flipping greens while learning markets such as JC, Tailoring, and Engineering.  Finally, there are others like Thairus who excel in markets most of us avoid, like Engineering.

The point is that everyone in the above examples has a different spread of combos of professions and flipping that they use, but they all make gold efficiently.  Is there an optimal spread?  Yes I do believe that there technically is, but that it varies based on server, and more importantly the individual.  Everyone has different time constraints and interests within the game, and your job is to find your best fit in the gold making world, your own niche.

One Man's Trash
Just because your favorite blogger doesn't like selling glyphs, doesn't mean that glyphs aren't a great way to make gold if attacked from the correct direction, take this post for example.  Try out markets, and stick to the things you enjoy, and work well for you on your server.  Take everything with a grain of salt, and trust your own results first and foremost.  Blogs and websites have tons of useful information on making gold, in fact I'd imagine just about every legitimate method of making gold in World of Warcraft has been discussed at length somewhere already.  The value (in my eyes at least) from reading everyone's different perspectives, is that you can get a sense of what works and what doesn't, and evolve your own gold making method as a hybrid of those that work.  Take my enormous transmog list for example.  You don't need to use such an enormous list to have success flipping transmog, but it's what I do, and it works for me.  There are honestly items you could cut out of that list, and refine it to your own needs, or you could find another list, from someone who already has refined their method.

A Niche Market
Talking about finding your gold making niche, I can't not include a niche within a market, so let me refer you to my past post on Icy Cloak.  Since the initial post I've sold roughly 7 of them, making it well worth the time it took to camp the recipe and craft it.  Below is my priest modeling the cloak.  A similar model can be obtained with JP, but people just don't take the time to do their research!


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