Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5.3 Gold Making

Instead of doing a Weekly Review today, I figured I'd go over some of my observations thus far from the patch, gold making mostly, but otherwise as well.  Not having played on the PTR, I'm enjoying the learning experience, and figuring out the new content.


For those of you who haven't done it yet, the quest lines were pretty cool (mostly scenarios), but the most notable thing for a gold makers is that there are ilvl 502 boots as a reward, which may put a damper on many boot sales, PvP or otherwise, so keep that in mind.  

Battlefield: Barrens

There's a lot of things to cover in this, wowhead has their own guide, and I'm going to assume basic knowledge of this guide below.  Mobs in this new area drop epic items, such as Kor'kron Leggings that are BoE and can be turned into ilvl 489 pieces once weekly (Total Slots Covered: Belt, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Head, Legs, Shoulders).   For the most part this will be negatively impacting sales, but since it can only be done weekly, alts might fill in gaps with PvP gear still, and trinkets as well.  Another question that arises from these items is "Since they're BoE can I sell them for a good amount?"  The answer to that is a resounding "No".  The reason being that they are really easy to come across.  In doing the weekly that you need to do to upgrade the items to gear, I got 3 of these pieces in a half hour.  Unless Blizzard decides to nerf the drop rate a bit, there's not going to be much demand for these unless certain pieces are much rarer than others.  They are also available from the quartermasters for ~200 resources

If you read the guide you'll probably note that the one only other thing that you can profit off of from the vendor will be the pet from the weekly, this guy.  For optimizing (if you do the weekly) I'd suggest using a Potion of Luck (although the droprate for me was dismal, but I'd suggest trying it, they do work on these mobs), as well as a few Rainstick for emergency heals if you're not a healing class.  One last thing to note for this area is that a unique equiped 24 slot bag,, drops from these mobs as well, which may be useful to your alts with smaller bags.

All in all, the drop rate for greens and SoH is pretty nice in this area, a lot of humanoids so lots of cloth. There's potential for profit, but I'm sure that in the long run there will be much gained gold wise from doing these dailies.  Best to stick to the AH!


Since the patch, for me, everything has been selling, but some of my major sellers are PvP gems, enchants, and leg/shoulder enchants, but basically everything.  Also keep in mind if you're someone that likes to do old content that 3 BC raids had pets added to boss drop loot tables, so you may want to take a step inside.  Again, here's a relevant wowhead link.  Hope you guys are enjoying 5.3, and if you have any gold making suggestions I missed feel free to leave them in the comments.  


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