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Primordial Saronite

This is a post for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival, which will be live on the 11th of this month.  The topic is: "Name one of your historically profitable markets that is now defunct and what can we learn from that old market." Be sure to check his site on the 11th for other great entries!  

The Primordial Saronite market is one that I dealt exclusively in during my ICC days when I was selling gold.  Those days are past me but it taught me a valuable tool, of optimizing unneeded "badges" for surplus income.

Crafting Material
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Primordial Saronite, it was a crafting material used to craft high end epics during ICC, and was available for purchase for Emblem of Frost.  These are equivalent to your modern day Valor, and had a cap as to weekly limit, but I wasn't going to let that stop me!  I had 3 Max level characters whom I'd grind out maximum dungeon cap on Emblems daily to buy as many of these as possible.   I'd then turn and sell these on the AH (they were quite the hot commodity), and then do less virtuous things with the gold than Blizzard would have liked, but again you can read more about that in my earlier post.

What Can We Learn?
Waste not.  If you have those extra Justice laying around from hitting valor cap, put them to work!  I currently use them to buy WotLK epic gems in Dalaran, to cut and sell on the AH to 70 and 80 twinks.  For my server it's the best option, and I'd say that on most servers it's the way to go, but there are always other options you can factor in.  I of course went for all the leveling BoAs I needed first, as leveling alts is really the best investment for long term gold making.  Now that I have more or less all the BoAs I need, I buy the epic gems, and cut them for roughly 1g 36s per Justice Point, selling the cut gems at ~300g.   Of course YMMV. As with any other market, diversify your cuts, and you will make more sales.

What is your favorite now defunct market?  I really enjoyed Cold's post for his carnival, he wrote about a market that I very much enjoyed first starting out in WoW as a novice gold maker, I highly suggest checking it out!


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