Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Phat's Weekly Review: 4/9

This week has been an odd one.  I invested a lot this week, and for the first time in 2 months I've made less than 50k in a week, coming in at +27k overall this week.

Heavy Investing
This week I invested.  A lot.

As you can see, this week I have over 80k invested.  I sank about 20k into the Springstrider mounts, which I think I will start posting around June, when players come back who don't normally play during the school year.  I figure I might as well invest my gold in some long term prospects, rather than having it sit in my pockets doing nothing for me!

I also bought over 200 Golden Lotus this week because Transmuting the rare gems was cheaper than prospecting them from the ore, and I really needed to restock.  I also purchased a ton of Black and White Trillium Ore because it was well below market average for my server.  Quite frankly, I'd rather have my entire 2 million tied up in things making money than have the 2 million liquid, but it's pretty hard to do, as there are only so many auctions on my small server, and only so many hours in a day!

Alliance Updates
Just figured since I have not much this week I'll update you on the progress of my Alliance alt.  In my post "So That's Competition?" I wrote about someone disgruntled with my transmog pricing who vouched to become my competition, only to not quite fully understand what I was doing.  Well I must say they have stepped up their game since then.  Definitely did a few google searches, and most definitely using TSM to do searches, although I don't think they're using my lists (but oh how I would appreciate the irony).  They're buying more transmog gear, and I've come to find out they're actually the Alliance version of me, dabbling in multiple markets across the server.   I still have quite an edge on them as far as inventory, and they're not posting below my lower threshold, so we'll see what happens.

That's about all for my weekly review, if you made more gold than I did this week, be sure to rub it in my face in the comments to motivate me for next week!


Phat Lewts

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  1. Check out Kyparite for prospecting, prices are falling as low as 1g each on my realm

  2. Grats on Invincible's Reins, also I did make more money than you this last week :P (39k up from last week for me) even after spending an extra 15k that was completely unnecessary.

    1. Hopefully I can chalk up a lot more next week!

  3. You seem wicked Phat. How about helping me getting into the whole "play" AH phenomenon? Gizmo#2346 eu :-)


    Made all my riches in last weeks since 5.2. I started 5.2 with horded materials and 100k.

    Some inspiration from your blog, TY.


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