Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 4/24

So at the end of this week I'm at a liquid total of 2,416,845g, an increase of 83k!

Inspiration from Stupidity
So I did something incredibly stupid this week, and I mean legendarily dumb.  I was going to post my lists for organizing the rare cut gems by a common search term, and wanted to try to go through the process on a fresh shopping list.  You can probably see where this is going.  So long story short I found myself having to remake my posting lists from scratch (yes I know the TSM Application has a backup function, mine wasn't setup correctly).  So I did and was able to get about 99% of my things back into their respective groups pretty fast, the biggest pain being the transmog gear, but I'm at the point where I can tell if it's good by the name, not just the hover over from Mogit now, so that helped (I've already found a few things mispriced).

Reworking TSM
That being said, I have decided to rework the prices on some of my transmog gear.  I had been posting at a minimum of 750g, and honestly that's just way too much at this point in the game.  When gear was flying off the shelves in 4.3-5.0 it was fine, but now I have adjusted my groups to more reasonable prices, hoping for more turnover, and higher profits, but only time will tell!

Updates from Last Week
Last week I mentioned that was definitely going to set up my Blacksmith's crafting to craft the 458 pieces, and believe it or not I actually did!  I crafted the 20someodd pieces that I could, and I've sold 3 for an average of 500g/piece which is not too shabby!  I actually used a few pieces on my DK to catch up on gearing, and up my ilvl as well (had greens).

On the other hand I haven't tried to continue to craft and post Meta gems uncut in stacks of 20, I just haven't had the material resources to do so in game at the prices I want them at.  I would really like to replicate my results in the future though, and this is on my to-do list.

30 Days.
Recently both through conversations on twitter and on the subreddit WoWEconomy have got me wondering how much gold I could make in 30 days on a new server, investing relatively little time into it.  I'm seriously considering undertaking this challenge, but I haven't made a final decision on it yet.  I'm also considering running 2 methods concurrently, one leveling a dk to 80 and using professions while flipping, the other using a level 1 to only flip auctions and see who has the most gold, and who has the most gold per hour at the end.  If/when I start this it will most likely be in May.


Phat Lewts

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