Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finding Suppliers

Lately I've been spending time in WoWProfitz's IRC Channel, and a frequent user, GoblinRaset suggested I do a post on how I find suppliers who farm herbs/ore, and I thought it would be a great topic!  Also, he just started a gold blog called The Drunken Mogul, and he's already got some great posts, be sure to check it out! Also, feel free to join us in IRC!

Getting Suppliers
What I've been doing myself  is pretty simple, and something that you might do when you're sitting in trade.  Usually when I'm sitting in /2 it's because I'm reposting gear from my transmog toon, and once in a while (especially during primetime) I'll see someone selling GIO for a ridiculously low price, and I'll send them a tell saying I'll buy everything they have.  This is usually what sparks their attention.  You made their lives easier because:
  1. You bought their item quick
  2. You bought it all
This instant gratification is what the "human"* farmer wants.  He just spent an hour farming, he wants to see the fruits of his labor.  He likes you.  You like him.  Why not just ask him to make this a long term thing?

*Note: Just because you're interacting with a human who speaks good English, doesn't mean they're not using a bot to farm for them.

Hook, Line and...
Now that you've caught the seller's attention, and purchased all his goods, now seal the deal.   Let him know that if he wants to keep sending you goods COD that you'll gladly buy all he can farm at his mentioned price.  This is an important part, and not to be neglected.  Let him know you have the power to afford any amount he can farm.  On top of that you can mention the added bonus of not having to pay AH fees ever using COD, and ensure him that you check your mail often.  Not everyone will go for it, but why wouldn't you try?  Saving gold is making gold.

Other Methods
You can always use TUJ to see who the largest suppliers to the Auction House are, and see if you can strike a deal with them.  These people tend to not care about the time the ore sits on the AH, so they might be harder to convince to cut a deal with, but it's worth a shot!

Shout Outs
Last but not least I want to give some shout-outs to the other 2 new gold bloggers I talk with from Profitz's IRC who recently started blogs, Tharius', who just started writing Tharius' Creative Accounting, and Erogroth, who has written on PWG's Hatchery, as well as been featured on the PW:G podcast, and has started his own blog called Get Rich WoW.  I've added all these blogs to my blogroll, and they already have some great content churning, be sure to check them out!  


Phat Lewts

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  1. Hi Phat

    I wish i was brave enough to sink a big chunk of my stash into inventory - but I just don't trust the markets.

    I've finally got into TSM following some of your earlier posts and now have a steady stream of enchants listed (not really making any money though) and 100k of Glyphs listed - which is turning over a really nice amount daily - which i thought not possible with glyphs now. PLus I made and sold two vials of sand, so I;ve exceeded my previous monthly record by day 14 - am hoping to clear 200k profit for the first time in a single month now.

    Thanks for your insight as always.


  2. if your selling i just want to point out a great addon called masscod as well. Extremely easy to use and mails everything at a preset price at a push of a button, saved me a ton of time.


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