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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 5/1

This week's review is going to be relatively short, not a very eventful week.  I once again slacked on restocking my crafting professions, and I am only up 31k on the week, mostly because I've spent time gearing my newly 90 Disc Priest with my time in game, which I have enjoyed thus far.  I guess the healer queues make it a bit less painless, and I still feel like a dps with Atonement.  Below is the highlight reel of things I did this week in game related to gold making.

Investing in the Alliance
I spent a lot of gold on my Alliance toon this week.  The character is at 78 and I started getting the mats for leveling professions to 600 once I get 80 (more professions to neglect!).  I also bought that alt 280% flying, because the Outland speed is just a bit too slow for my taste, time is money, long term investment yadda yadda.  I also invested roughly 10k into blues in the twink market this week, which all should flip relatively quickly.  I'm down roughly 8k for the week on the Alliance side, but I'm sure to make that up within the next week.

Transmog Confusion of the Week
I post transmog on 2 different servers, controlling 3 factions worth of transmog markets, so I tend to get whispers, especially when I speak up in trade.  Well someone on my alt realm started barking Cardinal Ruby in trade for 1k gold each, I couldn't help but let people know that they're purchasable for 220 JP as well as in the AH for under 100g, and I got this as a response from a different toon in trade:
At the time I was reposting my transmog, and I didn't see the guy's name once, so I can't imagine he was remotely buying any decently selling items.  It astounds me how little research some people do before "diving" into these markets.

You Scratch My Back...
Last but not least I wanted to mention something that I did this week as a favor to one of my suppliers, which I think is great for what I'm going to call "supplier morale".  I look for suppliers from my bank toon, the one that deals in and is known for transmog and leveling gear.  One of my current suppliers of Ghost Iron asked me if I had a certain piece for transmog, and I did not, so I told him I'd keep an eye on it on both the Horde & Alliance sides of the AH, and I set up a email alert specifically for the item.  Two days after I set it up I got the email saying it was on the Alli side, and I snatched it up, and my supplier was ecstatic as he had been trying to farm the green for a while. He sent me a few stacks on the house (for a 35g investment on a piece of gear).  Happy suppliers = easy gold making.


Phat Lewts

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  1. Uh. I really don't like when people are screwing with other peoples barks in trade chat.
    Mind your own business IMO.


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