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Phat Farm

This post is for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival on March 11th.  The topic is "What Are You Currently Doing With Your Sunsong Ranch(es)?"

Right now I have 2 characters at 90, and thus 2 farms I can truly optimize.

Farm 1: My Main

My main is a Tailor/Alchemist.  Since these two professions don't really benefit as much from Spirit of Harmony as others, I plant Enigma Seeds, mainly aiming for the Golden Lotus procs, of which I've gotten at a rate of 4.625 per day over the past 40 days.  If I was planting Songbell Seeds, I'd be getting 1.6 Motes a day, which means an extra CD every 2 days, or about 9 Golden Lotus, so really is it worth it?  On my server it was not, which is why I stuck with the Enigmas.  You could do a similar calculation on your farm to see what your best option is!

Farm 2: Rare Seeds ASAP
So I hit 90 on my Death Knight literally 2 days ago.  The day after hitting 90 I was already at Revered with the Tillers!  How did I do this you ask? First of all I had my main that got Revered with the Tillers, so I purchased a Grand Commendation of the Tillers.  Then I started all the Tillers quests before 90, and finished them, as well as having a plot of 4 ready to harvest (you only get Tillers rep for harvesting after dinging 90).  Doing all the intro quests with double rep along with the dailies and one time rep quests on the day I turned 90 and the next, I was able to get to revered (12 plots + special crops + sprinkler/mass pesticide) the day after I hit 90, and now on the 3rd day I'm almost half way to exalted!  With getting to exalted this easy with the Grand Commendation, I'm seriously considering leveling another character to 90 just for the additional Tillers farm once I hit Exalted with my DK.  With my DK I'm going with the Motes because it's the only viable way for me to productively get them (Blacksmith).  I'm getting a few doing the dailies as well which is a nice bonus!

So that's my current setup, I have a level 87 who I am considering leveling to get the 3rd farm going, but we'll see how that ends up!  What are you doing with your Tillers farm right now?


Phat Lewts

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  1. My best option was to level other alts and not bother with farming SoH on my tailor. Each cloth represents a value of about 400g. None of my tailors can kill very fast, and I found it easier to just do the CDs and move along than worry about 5 minutes farm time.

    Now perhaps if the market wasn't so cutthroat and tailoring wasn't so awesome as a 2 minute daily profession (port and flight times from the inn) I'd care to do more of them.

  2. I've only got one lvl 90 - but he's got a full farm and is planting herbs. I planted for Motes to speed up getting the cooking bell - trading them for the paw tokens. But now its herbs to get Lotuses for my JC.

    I've got an alt up to 88 and am focusing on leveling him so I can get two farms going. He's a tailor/enchanter, so may go with the cloth, but herbs & lotuses for the JC may still be an attraction. By the way, has the proc rate that is due for 5.2 happened already? I was getting 3-4 lotus a day, but have got 8, 7, then 8 again in the last three days.


    1. Nope, just lucky! I got 1 today, so it's nothing amazing yet. Going to start a new tally once 5.2 starts to see what it changes to though for sure

  3. My tailor bounces between motes and cloth. I've got my bs doing ore and more ore so I have stacks ready for 5.2. And it gives me a decent amount of trillium too!

    1. If you happen to know, or want to track, the proc rates for Trillium I'd be really interested in that, probably could find it somewhere I suppose.

  4. I have 6 alts currently at 90 with 16 plots, 2 I have on SoH (BS and LW), the rest on herbs, getting 4-5 lotus each...almost wish they would nerf them so the price on both the lotus and flask go back up.

  5. Currently 8 toons with max farms, only 2 farm every day for spirits my blacksmith and leather worker. The 6 others rotate between herbs and spirits on a daily basis. I get just enough herbs to keep my scribe refilling sold glyphs and have a decent stockpile of spirits on all 6 toons for when I need a sudden influx of a certain mat.

    Like 3 weeks ago when scales for my leather worker could not be found anywhere, no one was posting Contender's items but I was able to keep trading spirits for scales and made a killing selling those crafted items.

  6. I have 3 toons at 90. My JC just farms motes. My other 2 toons farm ore and send it over to him to prospect and cut rares into gems while using the greens to turn into primal diamonds.

    Have made 40k in the last 2 weeks doing this off and on.


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