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RP + Gold Making = ????

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I got an email earlier this week from a reader of my blog.  He had an interesting idea that he wanted to open up for discussion, and I thought it was quite interesting myself.  The first time I read this it reminded me of Jim from Power Word: Gold's idea of a gold making guild, but with a maniacal twist.  Take a read from the email:

I wanted to get your thoughts on an experiment I have came up with related to wow economics and gameplay. As many people reach the gold cap (or similar financial goals) I often hear the idea of: What do I do now?  Well, I have a humble suggestion.
I don't know where you stand on Roleplay Servers (or RP in general), however a common problem many of them have revolves around a lack of reason FOR people to participate in character. I believe, and would like to examine this, that the problem is in lack of conflict. Where would Luke be without Vader, where would the Allies be without the Axis? Conflict forces people to react. What does this have to do with gold? I believe economic conflict might actually be the force that could solve such an age old dilemma.
Suppose the following:
What if several members of the goldmaking community came togeather on a server with a unified goal to LOCK the economy similar to the Robber Barons at the turn of the century? What if, instead of trade and auction house alone, they spoke of this intention in public, living up the villany so to cause unrest.  Since virtually everyone would be effected that uses said economy (at least on that server side), people would have to unify in order to break the lock (provided enough capital was there for critical mass).  Well, that is the idea anyway. I'd love to hear your thoughts and open it up from the goldmakers.

I gave him my thoughts, but what do you think?  Feasable?  Fun?  Have something creative to add?  Leave your comments below!


Phat Lewts


  1. A very interesting idea however an awful lot of work for the people to get a foot hold into the economy initially before they controlled it.

  2. Not at all a bad idea :D loving the thought of it... and it has taken me barely a month to control gem, glyph and enchant market on my realm, with more than 100k to my bank account at the moment... and i have identified 4 other big players as well, unfortunately 2 went down once i started out... controlling markets is no big deal when its 5 individuals, but were they to talk together... that be fun - actually played around in my head yesterday with this very thought, of pm'ing my best/worst (you pick) contestors... intriguing to say the least...

  3. All i have to say is i better be invited, and i will be playing the villain part very well. Publicly put the people at unrest due to economic lock down? I have a evil warlock and a menacing DK. (i play on an RP realm now lol.)


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