Monday, April 16, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: Week Ending 4/16

Let's start out with the "bad news" of the week

Transmog Woes
This week I was barely able to make a profit off transmog, and twice after collecting and reposting 48 hour auctions I was posting for a loss (ie. posting cost > what I made in 48 hrs).  I expect transmog to be a strong market when the player boom associated with Pandas comes along, so I may start sending the mogging gear between my 2 not played alts on my server to start posting again in MoP.  Definitely going to give it another week though to see if it was just a dryspell or my server's mogging market going down.

Now on to the good news...

Inferno Rubies Sold Off
If you've been reading my blog a while, a few weeks back i was able to buy something like 600 inferno rubies for 100g a pop.  At this point I have sold all but a few of them at an average of about 170g (after AH tax).  The profit margin wasn't as great as prospecting, but I personally enjoyed having the break from prospecting and it gave me some time to focus on other things, as noted below.

Alliance Side Project
On my server I have 9 Horde characters and 1 Alliance character.  Using the neutral AH I transfered my character Alliance side 300g and the pattern for Icy Cloak.  Using the 300g and mostly investing in 77 Twink Gear as well as some "prime" transmog gear, I am now over 10k gold on a level 33.  Not too shabby.  The character now has maxed Tailoring/Enchanting that a level 33 can have (75 more levels at 35 soon to come though), and over 10k in her pocket.  Not crafting anything now other than the Icy Cloak, just reinvesting in Mogging/Twink Gear.  I enjoy leveling the character with BoAs from the Horde side, mostly in BGs.  Being a healer in BGs, especially at that bracket in the 10 and 15 man BGs can really be the difference between a win and a loss.

Mysterious Fortune Cards
Since I had a lot of free time Horde side from not prospecting, I decided to focus in on a market I hadn't played for a while - Mysterious Fortune Cards.  MFC's are one of the easiest ways to make gold with a scribe, but you need be willing to make macros and advertise them in trade.  I've been able to sell a few stacks of these while doing other things on my computer (such as writing this blog).  I just play windowed and tab back and hit my macros every few minutes and continue on as usual.  I'm still working on the 600 Whiptail that I bought for 15g/stack 4 weeks ago, not sure I can ever get through it all.  This price puts my cards somewhere around 3.5g to make, and I'm selling them for 12g a piece, so nice returns.

In all I'm enjoying using some alternative methods to make gold this week than I normally use, and it's a nice break from the usual.  I probably won't get back to prospecting for at least another week or two, so I'm going to continue using alternative methods and working on acquiring more gold, as per usual.  If you have any ideas/suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments, and I might just try em out this week!


Phat Lewts

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