Monday, April 2, 2012

Blasted Lands NPCScan Add Macro

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I recently decided that it would be a brilliant idea to delete all my addons and start from scratch without making backup copies.  I'm a brilliant man, what can I say?  Anyway the result was me not having any of my rare spawns from blasted lands that I enjoy hunting so much in my NPCScan search.  I was feeling a bit lazy, and wanted to find a macro that I could copy/paste to add all of them at once.  After hunting for about 10 minutes I realized that I could have added them all in that time and that I can just make a macro myself, and here it is (separated into 2 macros due to character limits)

Blasted Lands Rare Spawns

/npcscan add 7846 Teremus
/npcscan add 8296 Mojo
/npcscan add 8297 Magron
/npcscan add 8298 Akubar
/npcscan add 8299 Spite
/npcscan add 8300 Rav
/npcscan add 8301 Clack
/npcscan add 8302 Deathe

/npcscan add 8303 Grunt
/npcscan add 8304 Dreadsc
/npcscan add 45257 Mordak
/npcscan add 45258 Cassia
/npcscan add 45260 Black
/npcscan add 45262 Narix

So there you go, just in case anyone wanted it, or is interested in hunting these rare spawns, the macro is waiting for your love.  The names after the numbers are irrelevant as they are just the nicknames you see when you type /npcscan.  If you want the full names for your reading pleasure, feel free to add them yourself :-)

Also as an added bonus, this is the route I take in Blasted Lands to hunt the spawns.  Is it the best way? Maybe/probably not.  Is it a decent/good way?  Yes.

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Have fun hunting your rares! 


Phat Lewts

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