Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Lewt Review Week Ending 4/23

Had a busy week this week so the Weekly Review is a bit late, apologies.

Last time I posted about my transmog sales declining, after the post, on my first 48 hour reposting, between reposting and buying new transmog gear, I made only 315 g profit.  Over the week I made around 7k in profit, but it's just not what it used to be on my server.  I'm still peddling all the gear that I did originally and I've acquired some more-rare pieces like a few Jade pieces.  Just nothing is selling.

I haven't been posting much recently because over the past few weeks I've been in coasting mode in WoW gold making.  I am literally just reposting what I already have and stocking only some essential items.  I'm still making around 20k in profit per week, which for some would be amazing, but I usually average 75k/week in full production.  I'm spending 30-45 minutes a day at the AH and doing some PvP with guildies to end the expansion.  I'm already really excited about the prospect of gold making in Mists of Pandaria, and it's going to be a fun ride.

My New Side Hobby
I've been peddling Mysterious Fortune Cards (MFCs) since Cold first came out with his strategy and it's a really fun thing to do if you're looking for a new market.  Basically you craft these on your Scribe, make a macro to get people interested and they sell like hotcakes.  Pairing this gold making activity with iSold which makes a cash register-esque "Cha-Ching" every time you make a sale just makes it all that much more sweet when you sell 20 in a row.  I made about 6 stacks of 200 about 2 weeks ago, And I've sold 4 out of the 6 stacks, and probably could have polished them all of if I wasn't being lazy about it.

Yes these cards lose money for the buyers, otherwise you wouldn't sell them, but the more people that that point that out in trade, the  better your business is, so dont worry about the "negative press" it's actually a good thing.   If you're interested in MFCs check out these posts on Colds blog for more in depth information.  I'm finding that at the end of the expansion cycle I'm able to get a decent amount of these out to players looking for something to do in game.  A player who had only bought 3 cards whispered me and said "If I lose money I want my gold back" I replied "Over my dead body!".  A few seconds later (presumably after flipping the cards) he whispered back saying "Ya I didn't win, but that was fun, thanks a lot man".  There are still some out there that have not tried this method yet, and the quotes on the cards are great entertainment even for a loss.

Anyway that ends my rant on MFCs.  If it's not your thing you don't have to do it, but with herb prices so low, they're cheap to make {(Whiptail Price / 6)+.5} and sell for a decent profit on most servers.


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  1. MFCs are also really good for the food you can make them. The agility food for instance requires Fathom Eels which suck to farm. It is cheaper for me to buy MFCs than buying Fathom Eels if I need raid food.


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