Monday, April 9, 2012

MoP: Millions of Profit

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Recently Farli from The Overcut put out a post about how he theoretically plans on making 1M Gold in MoP.  I too have a strategy for making tons of gold when the expansion comes out, but there are a few road bumps in the way that I think that I, as well as most, will have to deal with.

If you are an experienced gold maker, you know that there are very few times when farming is a viable (in terms of gold per hour) way of making the most gold in game.  The first month or so of a new expansion is one of those times.  For me, gold wise, the best thing for me to do would be to get my farmer  (mining/herb) to 90 ASAP, get Pandaria Flying, and start farming.  This is easily the best source of not only profit, but materials to level my Alchemy/Jewelcrafting alt, which is my first priority.

This is NOT an easy task for me, and probably not most.  My main isn't my Tauren Druid farmer.  My main is a Belf Mage that I love to play, but does not need to be max level to get the most out of her professions (Tailoring/Alchemy).  Will it be hard to put my main on the back burner?  Yes.  In fact I'm considering going after server first 90, which although daunting, and not likely, is something I think I'd have fun going after.  The thing is once you spend all the time leveling, when you could have been leveling your farmer, it cuts into your profit.  So the real question is what matters more to you in game?  Now in the long run will maybe 20 hours or so really cut that deep into your pocket?  Probably not.  But herbs and ores are going to be insanely expensive the first few days, and the faster you can get your hands on them, the better it is for you.  Just something to consider.

MoP: Money or Pandas?
Another thing that may cut into your money making on the first few days is Pandarians.  If you are like me, you most likely won't have access to the beta, you will probably want to get the full Pandarian experience first hand within the first month of the expansion.  My advice for this (from a gold making standpoint) is to hold off as long as possible.  Every decent or better gold maker out there will tell you that time is money, and gold per hour is a very REAL thing.  Every minute that you dedicate to leveling a panda is worth 16g 33s for every 1k gold you make per hour.  If you end up (theoretically) making somewhere around 10k gold per hour the first week of the expansion, every minute you play a panda is costing you over 150 g!!!  Just something to consider.

My Battle Plan
From launch my goal is going to be to get my main professions maxxed ASAP.  My (loose) priority is as follows, again with (considering) doing the "max the gatherer first", but not including it in the list:

1) Alchemy/JC
2) Enchanting
3) 2 other Alchemists
4) 2nd JC (for faster tokens (more cuts = more gold))
5) Tailoring
6) Inscription
7) Blacksmith
8) Whatever's left.

That's just my loose order, not necessarily static, and based on market price.  What's yours?


Phat Lewts


  1. mine plan? Drop all professions on every char (5) and get min + herbal.. lvl them faster (with xp from ores and herbs) and than drop that professions after 90.. I will have premade mats in bank for lvling non-gathering professions for boost it into 600 and profit from crafting. i will save gathering just on druid

  2. @Pekac
    It seems like wasting your gold. Leveling profesions right now is not cheap, since You are buying all mats for 5-10k range price. If You are dropping all of them, it seems like wasting ~50-100k gold for me. Is it worth it? You wont have time to gather on all of your characters, I suggest to stick only to the druid at the begining.

    1. Also in Pandaria you're not going to be able to fly until 90 so leveling using mining/herb will be more time consuming than Cataclysm.

  3. Priority one. Get raid ready... Which room that will be is going to depend on the raid roster at release... Raiding toons could be alchy/scribe priest, alchy/chanting Sammy, chapter/lw hunter, jc/chanter Droid, miner/bs warrior... In some ways the warrior would be my first choice since it has a gathering profession. But as a tank, it is not like I would have 15 minutes of time in the Que to go farm while grinding rep etc.. so it will likely be more like doing dailies and Questing for rep and quest rewards to DE on one of the others. That raiding main will whoever it ends up being will be first. Enchanting will be second since I like the market, and then will be the miner/herber taken Druid scrub farmer.... Or like you... It could all change.

  4. Drop all professions on 5 toons for mining and herbalism? Are you capable of gathering on more than one toon at the same time? If not, that strategy seems very limiting and a huge waste of resources and time once you discover that you are missing a hugely profitable profession in the new expansion.

    My strategy, have every profession at max level and be sitting on a huge pile of gold with plenty of room in my guild banks to start accumulating the new mats. The only thing I will have accumulated will be mats for bags that will be in demand after the expansion.


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