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Battle Pet Update

For today's post I just wanted to go over some news on battle pets that you may have missed in the past 2 weeks.  5.0.4 is just around the corner, and although the Theramore event is not going to be released Tuesday, I look forward to seeing what happens with glyphs!

As prerequisite knowledge for this post, the overall limit on amount of pets is 500, and 3x is the most you can have of a single pet (for some the limit is only 1, see below for more info).

Duplicate Pet Problem (Launch of MoP)
As you may remember from my previous post or elsewhere, pets were originally slated to be mailed back to you caged if you had any duplicates.  This has been changed.  Instead, for MoP launch, the limit of 500 pets total is going to be lifted as well as the 3x per pet limit.  So on pets that are not unique you will be able to have an 'unlimited' amount (although per account, 50) of each non-unique pet, granted you have one on each character.  This is a one shot deal kind of thing, other t…

High Pop vs. Low Pop

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to talk about High Pop vs. Low Pop servers, specifically my experiences with them.  For those of you who don't know or don't remember from previous posts, my main server is Low Pop (until MoP when it'll probably hit medium).  Recently I participated in a gold making competition where we competed on a high pop server.  Since then I have been playing with their AH on and off for fun, and I've learned quite a bit about how size effects sales among different markets, and I just wanted to share some general observations.

Being on my Low Pop server and having a large (~800 item) transmog inventory, I get less sales per 48 hour posting  than my character on a high pop server with ~150 item inventory.  This could be due to a few factors I suppose.  There are probably more characters with disposable income on a large server, and more characters interested in transmog as well.  One thing I'm interested in seeing the results of once MoP comes …

5.0.4 on the Horizon

Well it's official.  We are now currently downloading 5.0.4, the Pre-expansion Patch leading up to Pandamonioum.  If you're interested, the patch notes for the current 5.0.4 build on the PTR can be read here.  For those of you who don't like to read through patch notes to find what you need, I'll be highlighting the gold making implications here.  Also as a side note predictions and history don't put this patch until early September, so you still have time to prepare!

Glyphs Overhauled
Blizzard is not waiting until Mists is released to completely overhaul the glyph and talent system, they're giving us a window to adjust.  For those of you whom are scribes you know the potential implications of this.  All glyphs are changing.  A few are being removed but MOST are being changed in some way.  Speculation is saying Glyphmas 2.0 may occur, especially if the inks are no longer tradeable as they were during the original Glyphmas.  Only time will tell on that one, altho…

My Top 2 Pre-MoP Lists

In the past month I came out with 2 shopping lists, one was only two posts ago, but the other was a bit of time away.  Both however are necessary to be used in the next few weeks to maximize profits based off of them, so I wanted to repost them for my readers to get if they haven't.  If this is all old news to you, I apologize 

Wands are going to be turned into Main-hands when the Pre-Expansion patch is released.  That's right, BEFORE Mists.  I expect this patch to fall near the end of this month, so time is a-wasting on these lists!  My list consists of wands that could potentially be transmogged once wands are brought to the public eye as main hands.  The original post can be found here.


***Mogging Wands
Wand of Allistarj
Wand of Arcane Potency
Torch of Austen
Antenna of Invigoration
Crystalized Ebony Wand
Wasteland Wand
Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand
Incessant Torch
Nightmare Ender
Torchlight Wand
Wand of Dark Worship
Cyu's Ornate Wand
Theresa's Bo…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: 7/31

Okay so I'm 2 days late on the :Lewt's okay though!  If you haven't read it already check out my previous post on Rare Battle Pets!

In my previous post I mentioned farming Jadefang for the pet drop, Tiny Shale Spider.  I cannot advocate you doing this enough.  Based on pet farming forums as well as my own personal experience farming this week, his spawn timer is anywhere from 12-24 hours.  I have a dual farmer that I'm not using near the end of this expansion and he's parked out there, and whenever I see the guy spawn I send another alt to learn it.

In the comment section in that post, a question was asked if having extra of the Tiny Shale Spider in your bags will let you sell it come MoP.  While I don't doubt that you will be able to sell the extras already learned across toons, and may be able to relearn it with this if you cage your "last one", I'm not sure Blizzard will allow it in the long run.  That being said though, I …