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Phantom Blade

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You may know that when Cataclysm removed weapon/armorsmithing from the game, it also removed a lot of the patterns that went with each.  One of the coolest looking ones was the Phantom Blade, and as some may or may not know, if you don't have the pattern, it was added back to the game in the 4.3 patch.

WARNING: If you want to farm this pattern it's pretty easy to farm but BEWARE the pattern is BoP so you'll have to do it on your Blacksmith.

Alright the link to the pattern is here.  You may be looking at the drop rates thinking ".02% drop rate?  That's insane!"  This is very much not the case.  This item was added back to WoW in Patch 4.3, and this .02% drop rate is calcualted on all the drops from those adds (over 115,000) since vanilla WoW, which haven't dropped the pattern until now.  For a more accurate drop rate, the WoW site lists the drop rate as "Very Low", which is in the range of 1-3% (as compared …

1,000,000 Gold on a Low/Med Population Server

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Finally made it to 1,000,000 gold this past Thursday!  On December 9th I hit half a million, so in 47 days I managed to make 500k, or about 10,500g per day profit on a server that is Low pop during the week and Medium on weekends.  For those who are curious I'm going to post some of my data taken from TSM for my favorite gold making strategies.

1) Jewelcrafting


ItemGold SpentElementium Ore320,156Obsidium Ore37,051Pyrite Ore33,301Total Spent:390,508
Gold Earned on Cut Gems (Sums of Rare Cuts)
ItemGold MadeInferno Ruby585,408Ember Topaz93,296Demonseye64,942Amberjewel27,367Ocean Sapphire17,046Dream Emerald16,785Total Earned:804,844
This alone puts my profit from JC over 400k gold, more than doubling my original investment in the ore.  Now, this data is only for the cut gems that I sold, not to mention the rings/necklaces I made with the common gems and Disenchanted for enchanting scrolls/raw enchanting mats.  JC is my favorite, can you tell? 
2) C…

Great Blacksmith Transmog Craftable

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This one's for all the Blacksmiths out there! Check this model out:

This chest piece, simply called Thorium Armor is a craftable piece by blacksmiths, learned at any trainer at 250 Blacksmithing.  It is a good seller among female character models, but looks pretty bland on male models.  The mats are only Thorium Bar x 16 and Blue Sapphire x 1.  For my personal server this costed under 40 g to craft, and is a very easy to make and post item.  Check your server and see if there are any on AH.  Depending on your server's transmog market this could easily fetch 150g+ for a great return on your investment.  Good luck!


Phat Lewts

Anonymity vs. Convenience

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I post my auctions from my level 85 mage, which I use as my current main.  I do weekly heroics as well as Raid Finder and BH on my mage, and I find it convenient to post while I'm waiting for my super long DPS queues.  Recently I've run into some problems with selling gear and items in WoW from this character.

Basically, recently I have become 'known' as a high end gold maker on my server.  Mostly for my selling of Transmog gear as well as level 77 twink gear, and people have been noticing me in trade and otherwise.

A friend in my guild raids on his main in my servers best raiding guild.  They were doing an alt pug of DS and I got an invite from him.  As soon as I got in the group one of the members asked "Hey why don't you stop selling those 77 greens for so much?"  I responded with "You stop buying 'em for that much, and I'll start selling em for less".  Got a chuckle from a few other raid memb…


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Check out Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for more responses to this question from the gold making community!

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for Jan 2012 asks "If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, what would it be and why?"

Ganking Friendly Players
I personally would add the ability to gank players of your own faction.  To make this even semi-plausible I would suggest the following abilities that would be on a 7 day cooldown, instead of the 7 minute CD listed below (Curtesy of

Personal Usage
Personally I'd like to use it to gank an AH camper or my main competition in a certain market.  Hell, maybe just a friend to mess with him!  The ability would be fun to use, and something to think about who to use it on for your once weekly CD.  I tried to create these abilities in Photoshop and failed miserably, thanks to wowitemcreator for an easy to use basic spell creator.  The quot…

Leatherworkers: Big Voodoo, Baby!

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Last week I posted about my favorite tailoring item to flip for transmog, it was a low level pattern that a toon of level 20 could make with the proper tailoring skill and sell for a decent chunk of gold.  Today's leatherworking pattern is no different.  Big Voodoo Robe requires only 215 leatherworking, and the mats are cheaper and easier to obtain than the mats for the cloak from my last post.  The catch on this one is that the pattern is a rare drop, so you are better off hunting on the auction house than farming it.

Just keep Pattern: Big Voodoo Robe on your snatch list and once you have it, go to town!  Originally I didn't have the pattern and saw the robe on the AH and thought it looked cool and flipped it.  I bought it for 20g and sold it for 1500g within a week!  When I looked up the item on Wowhead I realized that it was a LW pattern so I instantly added it to my snatch list.  A good flip no matter how you price it, so long as you …