Sunday, January 29, 2012

1,000,000 Gold on a Low/Med Population Server

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Finally made it to 1,000,000 gold this past Thursday!  On December 9th I hit half a million, so in 47 days I managed to make 500k, or about 10,500g per day profit on a server that is Low pop during the week and Medium on weekends.  For those who are curious I'm going to post some of my data taken from TSM for my favorite gold making strategies.

1) Jewelcrafting


ItemGold Spent
Elementium Ore320,156
Obsidium Ore37,051
Pyrite Ore33,301
Total Spent:390,508

Gold Earned on Cut Gems (Sums of Rare Cuts)
ItemGold Made
Inferno Ruby585,408
Ember Topaz93,296
Ocean Sapphire17,046
Dream Emerald16,785
Total Earned:804,844

This alone puts my profit from JC over 400k gold, more than doubling my original investment in the ore.  Now, this data is only for the cut gems that I sold, not to mention the rings/necklaces I made with the common gems and Disenchanted for enchanting scrolls/raw enchanting mats.  JC is my favorite, can you tell? 

2) Cata Twink Gear

Armor TypeGold EarnedGold SpentProfit
Lvl 77 Cloth13,3754,4768,599
Lvl 77 Leather13,0527,3255,727
Lvl 77 Mail11,4955,6585,837
Lvl 77 Plate13,7036,7686,935
Lvl 77 Ring/Neck4,7961,8132,983
Lvl 77 Weapon15,5766,3428,984
Lvl 78 Assorted9,3227,6601,662

The reason I've included this is because, like the initial cut gems, it has basically doubled my investment.  The only difference is that this method literally takes seconds per day, compared to the enormous amounts of time jewelcrafting takes to prospect and cut.  

NOTE: The "Gold Spent" column also reflects gold I have spent on items that haven't sold yet.  

3) Mogging

Love it or hate it, mogging has become a great source of quick income for many gold makers, and I'm no exception.  Unlike most moggers I prefer crafting and selling items on the AH, although when I have no work to do for JC you can find me at the AH looking through models.  Here is my data for crafted and resales.

Type of MoggingProfitNumber in Category

The three items that I am able to resell that I craft are below with their average profit per item.  The links are to posts about them by me, or in the case of the axe, Power Word: Gold:
A lot of the responses I got from my Icy Cloak post was that there's another cloak that's purchasable from vendors in Shattrath for 300ish Justice Points.  I've sold 2 of these cloaks on a small server, and what I have to say to that is don't assume that all players have the same resources that you do, or know how to utilize them properly.  

4) Misc. Sales

Some other sales data that I think is worth noting:

Wrath Epic Gems
Gem and CutNumber SoldGold MadeAverage Gold/Sale
Brilliant Cardinal Ruby11022,288202.6
Solid Majestic Zircon6112,870211
Mystic King's Amber9621,535224.3
Reckless Ametrine234,563198.4
Willful Ametrine133,130240.8
Purified Dreadstone4763190.4

Easily the most profitable use for Justice Points when the gear is too cheap, will also buy @100g raw to cut.

Volatile Life Avg Price Bought Per: 5.24g
Volatile Air Avg Sale Price: 17.59g
Profit per "Living Element" Transmute: 185.25g (procs not included)
Volatile Air Sold: 3,690
Total for Living Elements: 45,571g (Didn't include procs)

Avg Price of Volatile Air x10: 162.5g
Avg Price of Volatile Water x10: 118.8g
Avg Price of Volatile Fire x10: 47.99g
Avg Price of Pyrium Bar x3: 36.65g
Avg Cost to make Truegold: 365.94
Cost after factoring in x1.2 proc: 304.95

Avg Truegold Sale Price: 606.34
Avg Profit per Truegold: 301.39
Truegold crafted: 55
Total Truegold Profit: 16,576g 

The reason I tended to do Living Elements more even though Truegold was more profitable, there was a point in the expansion where someone who seemed to have been stockpiling Truegold decided to sell about 150 for under 400g each, which would have drastically reduced my profit margin.  

Alright that's it for now, thanks for reading until the end, not all my data, but the interesting bit of it.  Look out for more gold making posts as I ease down on game time after hitting my milestone.


Phat Lewts


  1. Interesting point about turning justice points into old epic gems. I hadn't thought of that!

    About your ore purchasing. I see you have a massive preference for elementium. Is it because of the balance of rare and uncommon gems you get?

    1. Yeah, that's exactly why. If they cost the same I choose the ore that has a higher chance at rare gems. I don't transmute the common gems besides inferno rubies, and crafting the necks/rings to DE its a laborious task, and takes more time.

      As you can see I make a decent amount off of Demonseyes and Ember Topaz, so for me it's worth it to get more rares per prospect. The less time I spend prospecting to get the rares I need the better!


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