Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for Jan 2012 asks "If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, what would it be and why?"

Ganking Friendly Players
I personally would add the ability to gank players of your own faction.  To make this even semi-plausible I would suggest the following abilities that would be on a 7 day cooldown, instead of the 7 minute CD listed below (Curtesy of www.wowitemcreator.com):

"By light be Purged!"
"Shottie on Cairne!"

Personal Usage
Personally I'd like to use it to gank an AH camper or my main competition in a certain market.  Hell, maybe just a friend to mess with him!  The ability would be fun to use, and something to think about who to use it on for your once weekly CD.  I tried to create these abilities in Photoshop and failed miserably, thanks to wowitemcreator for an easy to use basic spell creator.  The quotes as captions are what I would add to the bottom of the abilities, which the site wouldn't let me do (as well as have cooldowns in days).

If YOU could add one item or feature to Mists, what would it be?


Phat Lewts


  1. I played a MMO a few years ago, in witch this was possible.
    It was "RF online" they where called the "chaos potions", and let me just say, be ganked by the same time, and also by the other team is not that fun after a while.

  2. Definitely, I can see the reasons that they don't and never will implement it, like everyone could gang up on the same player over and over again and they'd go crazy, but sometimes I just feel like ganking my own faction!

  3. Wish we could kill AH Bots for sure!
    Welcome to the Gold Blogging Carnival.

  4. I would kill my RL kids...not that I would kill them in RL. The two oldest, dang, all three play... I would need three cool-downs a week to make this worth it for me personally.

  5. You can kind of do this in the Darkmoon Faire death pit. Good idea though.


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