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PvP Time!!

A new PvP season is upon us Tuesday, and if you thought that the launch of 4.3 was great for sales, Tuesday should prove to be just as good, if not better!  Not only is it the start of the new season with all new PvP gear, but it is also the first reset of the LFR loot drops and normal/heroic reset of raids, and the first time characters can buy a non-relic gemmable piece of PvE gear with Valor!

Items to Craft for the PvP Season

  • More Inferno Rubies!  - What can I say about this that hasn't been said already?
  • Resilience Cuts - Dust off those resilience gem cuts that you havent used all week, the time is nigh! I'm making sure to stock 80 of each resilience cut I have ahead of time, and anticipating more to come!
  • Leg Enchants - Leg enchants are great for PvE gear but if you're a tailor don't forget to craft the Int/Stam leg enchants!  All leg enchants will sell really well for PvP minus the new tanking one!
  • Belt Buckles - If you, like me, sold out of belt buckles during the first week of 4.3, craft more.  Even with increased ore/bar prices, these will sell like hotcakes.
  • Vicious Craftable PvP Gear - Tailoring, LW, BS, JC, and Inscription all have the new Vicious patterns available to them, so get crafting!  These are sure to sell once people get their undergeared alts in the swing of things.
  • Food Buffs - Since people can now hit their Conquest cap from doing Random BGs food buffs will be in demand for both PvE and PvP, so get those fortune cookies crankin!
  • PvP Enchants - PvPers won't be getting weapons the first week, so don't expect an increase in weapon enchants.  Instead look to Chest, Back, Bracer, etc.  BiS enchants, or cheaper almost BiS enchants (such as +15 stats to chest instead of +20).  ALSO craft  +40 Resilience to chest, it may not be BiS for anyone, but it will sell!
Good Luck making even more gold in 4.3 when the PvP season goes live!!


Phat Lewts


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Phat Lewts