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How to REALLY Make Gold During Winter Veil

A lot of people associate things that go along with Winter Veil to be "gold making" items. Now I won't say you cannot make gold with these items, that would simply be a lie. But the smart gold maker does not need to get involved with Winter Veil, and I'll tell you why.

Small Eggs
Like the Netherweave Bag, Small Eggs are somewhat of a gold making legend during Winter Veil. This is mainly because it is accessible. Other items that are commonly used during Winter Veil can be found at this post by Marcus Ty, which I personally would advocate nothing in. So why are Small Eggs things of legends in WoW? Well every year there's a huge demand spike for these things around Winter Veil as they're used in 2 recipes for the season. I actually took a look at the TUJ Page for Small Eggs, and was not disappointed by the Quantity Available graph:

Of course we see major spikes occurring around this time of year, but that's not the point. The point is that you as a (hopefully) legitimate gold maker, have better things to be doing with your time than farming small eggs. Let's take a look at what Marcus says about his farming rate:

"I normally grind for 15-20mins and always come away with 3-4 stacks of eggs which sell for a great profit."

Okay, let's give farmers the benefit of the doubt here, let's assume you get that 4 stacks, and you get it in 15 minutes. Extrapolating to an hour, 16 stacks = 320 Small Eggs. This is of course being generous, but regardless let's crunch some numbers. At the current Mean which is 5g63s (which is higher of the Mean and Market Price right now), you will make 1,801 gold per hour. Ouch. Gem crafts are 1.5 seconds. If I could add 5 g (terribly low end, almost "not worth crafting") in value to some gems by transforming them from uncut to cut, I could make 200g per minute, taking only 9 minutes to make that 1,800g. YIKES! Hopefully you're making way more in your JC as well as other professions per craft too!

Where should I be capitalizing during the holiday?
You've got your crafting professions set up and mastered already, let the peons farm. Christmas is the season of students playing WoW during their high school and college breaks. While this increased playing may mean more competition, it also means more possible sales. Stick to your guns this holiday season, and don't follow the sheeple! Can you make gold doing these things? Yes. You can also make gold farming Ragefire Chasm for Linen Cloth, but are you going to do it? I hope you all enjoy the holidays responsibly. By not farming/fliping these low profit items.


Phat Lewts


  1. to be fair to Marcus Ty tho, he almost always writes aimed at new gold makers and those building their start-up capital. In that context, his post is a good one but you make good points too - I wouldn't farm anything especially for any festival these days on my main but as I'm doing my 30 minutes a day project, I really made a lowbie level killing on Winter Veil stuff!

  2. Specifically on the Netherweave Bag legend, I am doing that on two old characters on separate servers that had tailoring that I haven't played since BC. Both had ~10g on them two days ago and both are at 1k now.

    NW bags are REALLY good at generating your first 1k or so, but at around 800g it becomes hard to consistently sell your entire volume in one day so their is a cap of sorts on how well you can do with it. You also have to have leveled Tailoring to 350~.

  3. For players new to making gold and at a low level, a few minutes farming small eggs during the peak time of Winter Veil is a great strategy and the post explains why. Having accumulated several million gold over the years it's not something I do now, but for a level 10 player with little gold capital the strategy is still valid. The post also explains other gold making tips. As a blogger you sometimes have to think of new players starting out.

    1. Although I don't think that was thoroughly explained in your post, and you presented it as though it was something you currently do, I understand that it's a decent method for people starting out, but too many people know about it at this point for it to be viable. I'd think investing 20 copper on Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater and passively DEing a ton of them for 1.3 Strange Dust and .3 Lesser Magic Essences would be a more efficient route. If you can sell these mats for just 2g that is a 1,000,000% return on investment.


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