Wednesday, May 7, 2014

30 Day Gold Making Twitter Contest

So as you may know if you read my previous post, I recently started a 30 day gold making challenge on Mannoroth - Horde US. There are 7-8 participants, and 2 winners. One with the most gold per hour, and another for the most gold overall. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of competing going on, minus a select few of the 8 entrants, so to sweeten the pot, I'm having a mini-contest within this contest. Meta contestery! Whoever can guess the closest to my final gold total at the end of 30 days, will win a Cinder Kitten pet (read details below for how to enter)!

Background Information to Help you Guess
  • We had to roll just one toon on a new server, no BoAs or transferring of wealth from other servers (all rules at official contest post here).
  • Contest is 30 days long (ends May 23rd).
  • I'm going for most gold overall, not GPH (although hopefully I'll get both).
  • My strategy is to flip, and get a DK to 80 and get maxed JC/Alchemy ASAP. 
  • I plan on a final /played anywhere from 60-72 hours.
That's all you're getting! This is just a fun contest, and may the best guess win!


1) Guesses must be whole number gold values. Any guesses with silver/copper or decimals will be rounded. My final total will be rounded to the nearest gold as well for this competition.

2) Contest End Date: Guesses will be accepted through May 14th at 11:59pm Pacific, after which I will begin releasing posts about my strategy through the contest.

3) The winner will be announced on May 23rd following the conclusion of the underlying contest.

4) Entering: To enter the contest you must follow me on Twitter and add your guess to THIS TWEET, replacing GUESSHERE with your guess.

5) Winner will be the guesser who was the closest to the final total (above or below). You must be following me through the end of the contest, as I will be DMing you the code for the pet.

6) In the event of a tie, see tiebreaker procedures below.

Tiebreaker Procedures
1) In the event of a tie, Price is Right rules will be followed. That is, whomever was closest without going over will win.

2) If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by a roll.

As you can see, it probably behooves you to not guess nice round numbers like 20,000 or 1,000,000. I hope you all enjoy this mini contest, and may you finally defeat the RNG Gods!

Phat Lewts


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