Friday, May 16, 2014

Competition Log: Days 1-5

Throughout this competition I've been keeping a daily "Captain's Log" style record of my transactions. Some are shorter than others, but they go over my methodology throughout. Since the competition still has a week left I'm going to be releasing these slowly, but I figure what can what I did on days 1-5 hurt me on day 25? I'll probably release up to day 10, maybe day 15 before the competition comes to a close, at which point I'll release the rest, with conclusions.

Day 1
On the first day most of my time was spent getting my DK out of the starting zone. I chose to roll a Goblin DK for the insta 55 as well as the Alchemy profession bonus. Once I got out of the starting zone I continued to level for a bit (up to 59). Wanted to run a Hellfire Penninsula before I went to bed, but queued for random dungeons by mistake and got LBRS. Ouch. Got a random drop of Ebonhold Leggings from that run before I dropped it, so all was not lost! Posted all my cloth and the Ebonhold Leggings (leggings at 2200g).

Start: 0g
Finished: 7g
Auctions: 2423g

Day 2
One thing I had done yesterday is visit a few vendors for some things to sell, by this morning the only thing from the vendors that had sold was some Strange Dust. Since they were going for over 4g each, I decided to pick up Tailoring/Enchanting and do a few RFC runs. Ran a Hellfire Citadel, got Bloodscale Gauntlets. I also used a method I had tried in my previous competition and I bought some cloth to flip. The cloth payed off purchasing for 1g/each and selling for 6g/each. Unfortunately I could only afford 3 stacks at the time, but regardless I made 300g.

Checking out some markets I potentially want to branch into, 80-84 i409+ gear looks like a nice market on this server. Did not know ahead of time that this server is connected to two other servers, but still is Medium and behaves like a medium pop. I snagged a Ced's Crusher for a couple hundred, and was grinding a lot throughout the day. 80 ASAP!

Start: 48g
Finished: 18g

Day 3
After an exceptionally unfruitful overnight, literally selling nothing, I reposted and decided it was time to bite the bullet. I had 13k+ worth of auctions, and in any normal scenario I'd just sit back and wait for them to sell. But since the amount of gold I make in 30 days is going to be highly dependent on how quickly I can accrue starter capital, I decided to bite the bullet and took Mining/JC. Farmed enough Copper/Tin Ore to get it up to 90, then decided to sell what I got from prospecting 70 Tin to reinvest into more Tin.
Start: 18g
Finished: 42g
Auctions: 16,435g

Day 4
Made some solid sales overnight. Some Heavy Stone from leveling mining @ 10g/piece (great chokepoint of JC), as well as a few stacks of Strange Dust @ 40g/stack and my 2.5 stacks of Frostweave @ 120g/stack. I also won an auction I saw on TUJ's deals page under bids, Syrio's Gloves for a measly 18g. I did not do a whole lot on this server on Day 4, reinvested into some Silk Cloth and Heavy Stone, as well as continuing to level my JC. I got to the ~220 range in both JC and Mining. The next step is Thorium, and I did not feel much like farming, and depending on how much I get in the way of returns, I may just skip farming Thorium all together. The current price is higher than I can afford to power level though. Feeling as if I'm spoiled on my main realm!

Start: 972g
Finished: 38g
Auctions: 17,563g

Day 5
Overnight I sold my Syrio's, posting it at the 600 range the rest were at, and with that came my biggest return from a sale on this server yet ~570g. A few stacks of Silk Cloth sold as well, which put me over 1,000g for sales in the overnight. I created a few groups on another server (since /played is coming into play for this one, although I don't think I'll be the most efficient in terms of GPH). The goal of these groups to be a dump of random items I acquire, or vendor items I don't normally sell on the AH. Reinvested in Frostweave, was relatively high compared to what I'd like to buy at, but I hate to see my gold laying around not reinvested in anything.

I decided to do a few rounds of Thorium Ore rather than purchase it. Went around Un'goro Crater 3-4 times, got enough Thorium and Dense Stone to kill a small farm animal. Next on the mining path was Fel Iron Ore and Adamantite Ore. That was Hell. The one thing I'm looking forward to is the light at the end of the farming tunnel. I'm almost at the point that I'm self sustaining, which can and will be amazing.

Start: 1,190g
Finished: 50g
Auctions: 29,386g

Phat Lewts



  1. I think the whole point of the competition is lost if you roll a DK starting at 55. After 5 days you should already be into Pandaria with maxed professions.

    1. 5 days of someone with inordinate amount of time on their hands I suppose. No BoAs from other realms goes slower than you'd think. The whole point is a competition where everyone's on a level playing field, and we all have characters above 55, and many rolled DKs. Why should I waste hours of my life leveling from 1-55 for a server I'll never play on again?


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