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Gold Making Invitational Days 6-15

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So the contest wrapped up this past week, but I've been crazy busy. Drove cross country from NJ to Texas, starting a new job, and all that good stuff, so I haven't really been able to keep up with updating this properly, so here's days 6-15. Will probably put out 16-25 tomorrow or the next day, and then a nice wrap up post following that. Without further ado, here's Days 6-15:

Day 6
Had a decent overnight, ~900g in sales, it's time to reinvest it! Got a piece of 80-84 blue gear for 190g and reposted that, and invested the rest in my transmog list. Chain ran some UK dungeons, 2 Cobalt nodes per run is pretty nice gold. Ran till 72, then went out for the night, posted when I got home but did not play much, as it was late.

Start: 960g
Finished: 190g
Auctions: 53,372g

Day 7
A pretty dismal overnight put me to 223g, and increase of just over 30g. I spent most of that gold leveling up my Jewelcrafting mainly to hit 400 and start prospecting Saronite Ore. I have been getting a decent amount of Cobalt from UK, and being impatient as well as not wanting to buy from my competition who was flipping it, I was prospecting it for JC mats, even though it makes more sense to sell the cobalt raw and/or as bars. Now that I have no need for Cobalt, I will be doing just that. Hoping to hit 74 today. I will be away this upcoming weekend, and only be able to log on infrequently at best, hopefully to get a post scan off or two. I'm mildly regretting investing in transmog at this point. It may have been a little early and the posting fees take their toll with this low of a gold total. I've made some decent gold off the market, but not enough to sustain my posting habits, which are mostly a result of me having an unlimited amount of gold for menial things like posting, and I'm not in the habit of allocating some of my income for posting fees.

Hit 76 after chaining Gundrak for a few hours. Made a huge mistake and posted 10 stacks of frostweave for 6g/stack instead of 6g each. Was by the AH when I realized what was happening and was able to cancel some of the auctions before they were bought out. A pretty large set back considering I was -40g per stack for those stacks.

Start: 223g
Finished: 65g
Auctions: 60478g

Day 8
I posted quite a few items last night, which was a bit of a blunder as I did not realize that there was maintenance today, thus a waste of posting fees for the most part. Last night I was able to use TUJ and bids to secure some cheap materials though, most notably 50 x Exotic Leather for 5 silver a piece. Considering I'll probably sell it for ~2g50s per piece, a very lucrative investment. I also lost a few of my bids, and some did not expire during the maintenance period. I did a quick post scan after reset, another late at night, and leveled to 77 getting carried by a Cata geared 78. That was fun.

Start: 180g
Finished: 22g
Auctions: 56,273g

Day 9
Made a solid 1k in sales in the overnight. Reposted what I needed to, and ran a few dungeons putting me towards 78. I decided that 2 levels was mincemeat and it was time to really buck down and grind some Gundraks, farm some Obsidium Ore, ding 80 and knock of my first JC daily cut. As I type this CKS is prospecting my Obsidium in the background. I hit 80 and my /played is at 37 hours. Ouch. Probably would have been more efficient to not make gold leveling from 1-80 then go back and do it, but it is what it is.

I farmed ~20 stacks of Obsidium and just hit 500, which was perfect. Had 1100g on me and 6 stacks of GIO I purchased for cheap earlier. Bought what I could afford and went to town. It's killing me to waste these Tiger Opal's just to level JC, but what can I do? Got to 535 and decided to go for the gold and do Vermilion Onyx research since I'm on a limited timetable. Got Champions (Str/Dodge). Swing and a miss.

Now the question is do I level Alchemy, or hire out Transmute Alchemists? Now there are 2 major factors. Time is the first. To get 500 levels will take at least an hour between crafting and getting mats of the AH. On top of that I'd have to pay 4x Living Steel to spec Xmute Mastery, but I suppose that's a wash in the long run anyway. Tipping worked in my past competition, but trying a different route.

Start: 1,063g
End: 215g
Auctions: 54,396g

Day 10
Did not play a whole lot on the competition server today. Logged in twice to repost my auctions, but had a busy day, and did not do much gold making wise.

Start: 290g
End: 23g
Auctions: 56,934g

Day 11
Made a good 1,400g in sales in the overnight, my research yielded Polished (Agi/Dodge), which is not the greatest cut to start with. Although it hasn't payed off initially, I currently hold the only full stacks of Frostweave on the AH. I have 22 stacks @ 120g/stack, if they all sell I'm going to bite the bullet and level Alchemy 1-600. Having a Goblin and that ~2400g, I should be able to get Alch to 600 by the end of the weekend. Living Steel is 280g per right now, Trillium at 45g/bar. May Smelt a batch of GIO in preparation before I drop Mining. Decisions, decisions.

Start: 1452g
End: 183g
Auctions: 46,361g

Day 12
Only made ~250g in the overnight. Burned my Vermilion Onyx CD and got Wicked (Exp/Haste). Not a total loss, but nothing excellent. Tried to continue to level my Alchemy, but with major road blocks, and decided to wait until more mats are available and/or I had more gold.

Start: 489g
End: 28g
Auctions: 51,169g

Day 13
Wildly productive overnight in sales. Main sale being Alpheus Legguards for 1250g (1186 after tax). I reset some cheap gems (~55g/each, sell for 100g+) and decided to do research with Wild Jade, which yielded me my first excellent cut, Sensei's Wild Jade (Hit/Mastery). I'm going to try and reset some of the gem markets and see how that plays out for me. I use reset scans for these on my server to check for deep underpricings, and decided to use the same settings for this server.

Alchemy is still a major pain to level, and I'm not sure it's going to be worth it at this point. Bought a Hozen Peace Pipe for 400g, relisted at 1200g. Relisted gems throughout the day, reset about 6 cuts, invested in some transmog and got Alchemy to 300g before running out of money. Cancelled and reposted before heading off for the night.

Start: 1642g
End: 12s 32c
Auctions: 71,618g

Day 14
Logged in in the morning and reposted, learned a Primordial Ruby cut. Flashing. Sold a Ced's Crusher in the middle of the day that I had purchased for 2500g, and quite a few stacks of Silk Cloth to hit a high of 3,897g! I of course used my surplus gold to finish off leveling Alchemy to max. With JC/Alch fully maxed the only thing stopping me now is daily research for cuts.

This is a SS that happened later in the competition. Silk is good to flip on Small-Med servers.

Start: 772g
End: 102g
Auctions: 69,122g

Day 15
Did a Vermilion Onyx research, got a cut I could sell. I again Reset some gems, including mostly cuts I don't have, and made 2,800 during the day. Reinvested into GIO/Golden Lotus, and reset more gems. Getting a nice diverse set of gems, and manipulating prices. Starting to feel like I'm hitting my stride. Competition in gems is pretty fierce, and I don't have enough inventory so that I don't have to do cancel scans, which sucks for me, because cancel scans suck.

Start: 382g
End: 587g
Auctions: 71,146g

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