Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gold Making Competition and The Golden Keg

Two big news items today. The first is that The (free!!) second edition of The Golden Keg magazine is now out and available for your consumption. Featuring myself and other gold makers including Wowprofitz, Novitsh, and 8Bit Bruce, the magazine is a monthly compilation of articles that are only available in one place. The topics range from noobie gold making, to farming, to Warlords of Draenor speculation (guess which one I wrote), this magazine has information for any level of WoW gold maker out there, and the articles within are only posted in the magazine. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to check it out!

You can find the latest edition of The Golden Keg at this link, and you can also find our first ever edition from this past March at that link as well! If you are a gold maker who is interested in writing for The Golden Keg you can contact me via email at PhatLewtsGold@gmail.com.

The second bit of news is that I will be competing in the "Gold Making Invitational 2014". An interesting choice of title as any one who wants to (regardless of invitation) can compete, but anyway I'll be hamming it up with some gold makers over on the Mannoroth - Horde US server. If you're interested in checking it out, or even competing, details are up over on GoblinRaset's blog. I'm honestly not going to have a lot of time to commit to this, so as of yet it's still undetermined if I'll be really able to compete to the level that I can, but regardless I'm going to try, and it'll be fun. The competition lasts for a full month, so even if you miss the signups by a day or two, could be a lot of fun regardless. There are two tiers of prizes, one based on having the most gold at the end, the other based on your gold per played time. Joked about that last part on Twitter today, thought you non-Twitter peeps might enjoy:

NobleGarden and/or Thinly Veiled Easter Holiday
As always my stance during this holiday, as with all WoW holidays is to ignore the holiday and carry on. At any level there are more productive things to be doing with your time than competing with others for colorful loot eggs. If you need the achievements though, more power to ya!

I still have one Springstrider from last year's, but I'll definitely be watching the market to see if I can snipe a few. I can usually sell them down the road for 10k, I'll be shopping for anything below 4k to flip. The plainstrider mounts are very boring to me but there is indeed a market for them, I'd imagine mount collectors that miss the holiday for the most part, which is a market we can see growing throughout this summer as MoP drags on and achievement hunting is on the rise.

Phat Lewts

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