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Datamined Warlords of Draenor Profession Changes - Alpha Client 6.0

So Blizzard has released the Official Alpha client, and the nice folks over at MMO-Champion and Wowhead have gotten their hands on it and have been parsing all the data. There's quite a bit of interesting news, I honestly can't cover everything because it's just a bit of a data dump, but I'm going to highlight the things/items that I found interesting.

Just to point out, most of what I say here is complete speculation, no one has actually been on WoW's Alpha client yet, so everything that is known now is solely from data files.

Alchemy seems to be a profession they focused on with this iteration of the alpha of Warlords of Draenor. From MMO-Champion we know Alchemy has been restructured to include the following categories:
  • Alchemy of Draenor
    • Reagents
    • Flasks
    • Potions
    • Trinkets
  • Ancient Alchemical Recipes

It seems to me that Ancient Alchemical Recipes will have the same subheadings, so immediately we see that Warlords of Draenor alchemy is going to be changed dramatically. We also have some of the following items which have been so far datamined from the Alpha PTR:
Based on these items,  it seems like we will be seeing quite a revamp of Alchemy, which sounds excellent to me.  They've added some placeholder pots and placeholder flasks. You can check them out, but there's not much we can glean right now. What's interesting is that there are no current primary stat flasks, and that flasks come in Normal and Greater varieties.
Engineering is getting quite a few items that seems to look like either Engineering items that will be able to be used by non-Engineers and/or replace old recipes (Jeeves, MOLL-E, etc.). I think this has the potential to upset quite a few Engineers, but we do not know about any of the other changes to the profession, so hopefully the sobbing is kept to a minimum.
Two new guns for level 100s, ilvl 675 and 700 have been added as well. For some more of the changes check out these items.

Enchanting has gotten some new mats, keep in mind these may be placeholder names:
No crystals yet, but it's still early alpha. There are also a few recipes which have been datamined. Honestly these look really raw, and I wouldn't read too much into them, but currently only Ring, Cloak, Neck (that's new!), Weapon, and Glove enchants have been added in the Alpha. Take a look around if you're interested, not much to see.

It seems that there will be a bit of a change to fishing, first of all if you're for some reason interested all the new meat names can be found here. The interesting part to me is that looking at their tooltips, you'll notice that some of the Fish from Warlords of Draenor will be caught with specific types of bait, and there are multiple sizes of fish, let's take a look at an example.

So as you can surmise from this data, it seems you'll need a certain bait to catch each fish, which exists in certain zones. Then, based on the size of your fish, it will (somehow) yield meat, presumably with meat quantity determined by the size of your fish. Quite the change here.

There are also two new feasts in the Alpha, Feast of Blood and Feast of the Waters, presumably being land animals and fish. There are also a ton of new cooking items that can be found at this link.

It seems that all herbs will be confined to certain zones as described on their tooltip, and we have a new Lotus replacement:
A bunch of new glyphs were added, we are not yet sure how they will be introducing these into the game, but they will more than compensate for the "Auto learned glyphs". Check out all the new glyphs at this link.

There have been a few items added to LW/Skinning, again just names for now:
Finally just some ore/bars, uncreative names IMO, but it's just alpha they could (probably won't) change:
So while there are not currently any recipes logged for any of these professions, we got a whole slew of what seems to be craftable gear for BS. There are way too many links to include here, but I'll be using all of these items as an example. Check that out to follow along.

So there seem to be two tiers of rare items, ilvl 637 and 643 (and one weird outlier of 646). Of these items, one seems to have a chance to proc a red gem slot, and another has a chance to proc a prismatic gem slot (I'm gleaning this from their item #s from the seemingly identical items being drastically different).  They all require level 91.

It also seems that these 4 items have the chance to be epic, or are able to be made epic. Important to distinguish, but we do not know the mechanic yet, so too soon to say. Of those epic forms there are 4 different ilvl tiers: i650, i656, i666, and i672. Now Hwoo has mentioned gear procs scaling by profession level, don't know if this has anything to do with that. It seems like a very complex mechanic, whatever it's going to be.

There are also items added called Embodiments, you can find them all here. What I think these will be are the mechanics that Hwoo has mentioned, that have the ability to reroll the stats on a random proc crafted item. No details how they work or where they come from, but they're there.

Whew. I'm sure I missed a thing or two, but here is a plethora of information for you to go through from the Alpha. Hope you enjoyed!


Phat Lewts


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    1. it's still alpha, plenty of things can be added at any time.

    2. Yes, 99% of what's going to be in the game is not in this Alpha client. The only reason I think they added the new glyphs was for testing purposes. We're 5+ months out of the expansion, there will be new gems.


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