Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Other guides promise gold, I guarantee gold cap. 

That's right, your favorite gold blogger has now come out with an all inclusive comprehensive guide to making gold! Learn all the gold making secrets that I've been personally using for years to earn over 10 MILLION GOLD

  • Are you sick of not being able to make any gold while your friends sit on tons of it? 
  • Want to buy that fast flying you've dreamed of, but never could afford?
  • Need to purchase the greatest and rarest items from the Black Market Auction House?
y patented methods will teach you how to do all this and more!

Why put it in a guide? Why not just put it on your blog?

I'm glad you asked! You see, Phat Lewts' Ultimate gold guide contains a lot of extremely top secret content, previously only used in the elite gold making community, whom would get upset if I released publicly. I was able to reach a consensus among my gold making peers that if were top release it as a paid guide that it would be exclusive enough to not flood markets with all of our advanced gold making tactics. After all, you want it to work right? I've never been a fan of paid guides, but when it boils down to it, this was the only way to guarantee that I was putting out the best product possible to all of you. I am not willing to compromise quality, and having a paid guide makes me able to guarantee that you all had the best product available out there, that this product will indeed get you to gold cap, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Chapter 1: How to Use and Setup TradeSkillMaster

A comprehensive guide on how to utilize my personal TradeSkillMaster groups and operations to quickly maximize your earning potential on your server. Do it right the first time, and get your gold totals up!

Chapter 2: Controlling The Auction House

There's a whole lot of auction house to learn beyond TSM, and learning to control the chaos by manipulating markets is key to getting quick gold. Learn how to do this in chapter 2 of PLUGG!

Chapter 3: Farming Routes & Strategies

Read about all the farming routes and strategies that I've been keeping secret all these years.  Includes hundreds of spots across Azeroth that will help you get rich quick that I've never mentioned in my blog!

Chapter 4: Flipping for Millions

I've made millions of gold flipping items in World of Warcraft. If you've enjoyed My Transmog Lists, you'll really love this chapter. My entire setup of flipping groups and operations, along with how to use them to turn a few gold into millions!

Chapter 5: Seasonal Event Optimization

Optimize your gold making during every season in WoW with my Seasonal Event Optimization chapter. Learn all the ways you can make the most out of any season!

Chapter 6: The Secrets of The Stormspire

That's right. Finally the long guarded gold making secrets of The Stormspire, available to the public! All the closely guarded secrets you've heard so much about over the years, now yours to use to your benefit! 

Welcome to The Stormspire, home of the Wind Traders! Yes, the long guarded secrets of the gold making community, now ripe for the taking. Those things talked about in the seedy bars and the back allies of Warcraft, now brought to you straight from the source. The elite whisperings from the top Wind Traders of the Stormspire are now yours to look in upon, and learn of the inner workings of. Never before has this sensitive information been seen by the public, until now. Be one of the privileged few to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the gold making strategies of the topmost echelon of gold makers on earth.

 That's right, I'm so confident that you'll love my guide that I'm giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you follow this guide and do not hit gold cap. No one else can offer a guarantee like this, because no one else has a guide as quality as this. Guarantee your spot in gold making history now and purchase Phat Lewts' Ultimate Gold Guide today!!

You get My TradeSkillMaster groups with usage guides, my guide on controlling the Auction House, as well as my guides for Farming, Flipping, and Seasonal Events all for the low price of $5, $10, $15, or $20 monthly, and on top of that you get exclusive access to the Wind Trader Secrets. Where do you sign, right?

That's right not only will you get the extreme power of my Ultimate Gold Guide, but now, for a limited time only when you buy my gold guide, you'll get an exclusive rank and access to the PhatLewts Private Forums over at The Consortium Forums. As if this guide did not offer enough, you'll be able to distinguish yourself as one of those who will be getting gold cap in the very near future. Preserve your place in history today!


  1. The download link is not working :(
    I was ready to order man.

    1. Try using a different browser, it's working for me.

  2. I sense an april fools ^^. yea links not working for me either in any browser

    1. Fixed the issue with the Download link, should work now.

  3. LOL dude nice one!!!! clicked the DL three times only to be redirected back to this exact page each time (anyone who says I clicked more is a big fat lair!!!) LOL got me good bro, really tho I work full time and dont have time to mess around with this stuff, have been reading you for quite a while you really should come up with a guide, I would be game!!!

  4. Fantastic - was going to buy a guide or something from Jim or Cold but now there is no need!!! I can pay Phat Lewts instead - sweeeeet.

  5. Has anyone had any success downloading this. every time i click download it redircts me to the same page telling me to click download, sorta a perverted circle. I have tried all browsers opening the links directly and nothing just drops me back on the same page over and over. It really does look like a huge april fools joke.

  6. Still getting redirected to the same page when clicking the download link, have tried it in Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer, Am I doing something wrong?

  7. You guys need to try again. I had no problem buying it.. reading it right now and setting up TSM according to the book

  8. goo.gl/fnfz09 redirects to this page (the link of the button), you nubs dun goofed, you fell for his April Fools!


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