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Gold Making News From Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

So if you did not see, Blizzard has released the Alpha patch notes for Warlords of Draenor. The next WoW expansion is not yet in public beta testing, but since they are hosting the alpha on a public servers that can/will be data mined, they've released a plethora of official information, and I highly suggest you go check it out, especially if you are interested in other aspects than gold making, as this is what I will primarily be covering in this article (of course).

Not much information that we did not already know, garrisons are listed as not yet available for testing on the Alpha, so we likely will not learn about how to best use these for quite some time. If you are interested in reading the short Garrison section it's available here.

Automatically Learned Glyphs
So Blizzard has decided, since "in order to get glyphs, characters need to visit an Auction House (and potentially pay way more gold than an average character of that level has yet)", that they are going to make some glyphs become available as you level. The relevant portion of their patch notes can be found here. I have not gone through all the glyphs yet, but looking through there's a good amount of useful glyphs, but definitely not every glyph that any spec/class would want or need. If no one else does, I'll probably do a breakdown of the glyphs by source at some point, but I'm hoping someone else will (hint hint). I think from everything in these notes, that it is most definitely the most interesting change.

There's not much written on the Professions front, which is kind of disappointing considering all the talk that has been going around on unofficial outlets from Blizzard developers recently. The big change to note from these patch notes is that they're removing all the "direct combat benefits of professions". To me this is excellent news. Getting professions to max was nearly essential whether you were a PvPer or PvEer to maximize your potential, and with these changes I believe we will definitely be seeing quite a few less people leveling crafting professions, which is good for crafters.

They've also added mechanics that make mining and herbalism easier to level. You can now farm any mining or herb node available with the profession, with yield from that node being determined by skill level. In theory this should bring more mats to the marketplace, so for crafting based gold making, to me this is great news, but should also supplement the lower number of herbs and ore due to no flying during the first patch.

So as you can see, a slight bit of news, but nothing big as far as professions. The main focus of these patch notes seems to be focusing on PvE and PvP changes to class and race benefits, which I'm sure everyone is interested in, so I'd highly suggest checking this out to see how they plan on changing your class. Since they've mentioned that their client can (and will be) data mined, I'm sure that we will have even more information once that comes to fruition. I was hoping for details of the new profession mechanics (such as how they're changing prospecting/milling), but it seems that they won't be releasing that at this time.


Phat Lewts


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