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How to Be a Great Transmog Salesman Part 1

**In the comments in this post, lasagna pointed out that there's a faster method to doing this search. I outlined this method here.  You can still use this shopping list, but the other method utilizes dealfinding lists for quicker searches.**

This is intended as a simple guide to purchase transmog gear in the most efficient way possible.  If you're not familiar with Transmog or TSM, learn how to use the addon package TradeSkillMaster before reading this guide, it's necessary, trust me.  Check out Faid's Instructional TradeSkillMaster videos here.

1. Addons
To be a great xmog seller you really only need 2 addons (although TSM is a package of addons):
Tradeskillmaster: I use this to buy, post, and empty my mail (as well as keep track of sales).  In particular you'll only need the Auctioning, Mailing, and Shopping packages, but all are recommended. 

Mogit: Great addon that adds hover over previews to armor items.  You'll have to check off "Load out of date addons" on your login screen for this one to work in it's current version.  It works flawlessly though, which is probably (hopefully) why they haven't updated it for 5.1.

2. My Strategy
A lot of gold makers use separate lists, say Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate, Weapons, and Shields.  While doing this has it's pros, you're wasting a whole bunch of your own time sitting and searching for 100 items.  I often found myself AFKing or browsing the web while doing these searches, and coming back to searches that were completed 10 minutes earlier because I got distracted.  Then it hit me.  If I'm going to do 6 huge xmog searches, why not do them all at once?  Search for 500-600 items, browse the internet, go AFK, or read my Favorite Gold Blog, and then come back later and go through the results.  I've tried it out for over a week now, and I really like my results with this method.  Generally I'll buy anything under 50g on this list, and the rest I judge by the appearance whether it's worth buying to flip.  My list is based on a compilation of these lists from Faid at GoClockorkRiot, Shannon, and myself.  Shannon's list I trimmed down a bit for my own tastes, it originally had over 200 weapons, it now has only 151.  

For those of you who are new to transmog, I'm going to go over my shopping strategies.  Those of you with preset Groups for selling set up already feel free to move to the next section.  For selling I break my items down into 4 tiers.  Some people like less, some people like more, I like four.  My different groups are set up for 48 hour posting, and priced as follows:

499/749g - Common Transmog
750/1250g - Better looking/rarer Transmog
4499/4999g - Really Cool looking/unique Transmog
17,999/18,000g - Ridiculously Rare Transmog (think Jade, Exalted, etc)

As you start working with transmog gear you may decide you want different prices or more tiers based on your server's needs.  This is what works for me, and I've had success with it.  The first 2 groups above were originally 500 and 1k in Cata, and I bumped them up when MoP was launched because inflation.  Use your best guess.  Transmog doesn't sell constantly, so don't change your price levels around too much at first.  You have to set a standard for your server, and possibly work against any competition.  Use your best guess when first making sets.  Base it off of the look, and what you think you can get out of your potential buyer for it (use Mogit to mouse over and see what it looks like).

3. The List
Below is the list, Import it by typing /tsm, going to the Shopping Options tab, clicking Shopping Lists, then Import Shopping list.  Name it and copy/paste the following data into the "List Data" field.  Hit the Accept Button, then Import List.  I had some trouble importing this list, most likely because it's so huge.  The name didn't go through at first and it took a while to load after importing, but these are minor problems that should not effect the list.


Tomorrow I'll be going over more specific strategies I use.  This should be more than enough to get you going for the time being!   


Phat Lewts

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  1. I'm big into the transmog market, only I suspect most of my items are int he common area (I use 250g threshold/750g buyout for most my of my transmog), although I do have a few pieces like peerless that I keep a bit higher. Do you have a list of gear you put in your two higher categories?


    1. I can export my lists but if you already have some set up it'll probably be useless. Check back tomorrow, I'm going to do a follow up post in more detail about my posting. I'll include the names of some sets for you.

    2. Thanks! I don't need a complete and comprehensive list -- just curious which sets are some of the top sets out there.

    3. Hello,

      I just made my start in transmog this week on Monday. I have quickly bought up a few hundred items on my server.. initially paying more than I would in the future, to try and take control of the pricing, etc. However, being that I am not very familiar with all of the sets, I set my pricing up with a threshold of 70% of TUJ market average, and fallback as 100% TUJ market average. If i were to switch to your tier based system for flat pricing, I am unsure of where to put each and every set, etc

    4. Rob, I would recommend using 100% of TUJ market median than market average. Transmog items are stupidly skewed so the average is going to be a little too high for most people's tastes. If you unfamiliar of the difference, let's say overloard plate set is posted across all realms at 200g, 250g, 300g,350g, and 5,000g. The average is 1200g (which no one will pay) but the median is 300g (much more of a "meh, alright I'll buy"). Also, if you paid 70% of market average, you'll probably about break even once you're done. Hope this helps for the future though!

  2. If you are going to do a huge list, use the TSM download application, it will automatically download your realm data every hour. When I search my entire list of over 600 items (and growing) it takes less than a minute. You can set it up to download up to 5 realms for you.

    1. I use the TSM app, do you set it up as a dealfinding list? My one problem with that is that there are some items I'd buy above my 50g threshold and I like to see the entire list. If not I'm curious as to how you do it. It may just be that my internet connection sucks that it takes 5-10 minutes :-P

    2. This is an application outside of WoW. It will download in the background for you while you are doing other things. if it downloads while you are logged into your AH character you will have to /reload though.

      BTW, I should have included a link to the application.

    3. I use the app, but I'm not using my list as a dealfinding list, I assume that's how you're doing the quick search.

    4. Oh jesus I just converted this to a dealfinding search and it's phenomenal. So much better, you can even do an in game GetAll scan before hand even if you don't use the app. Wow that's awesome, I've been trying to figure out how to do a search like this but never quite could! Do you mind if I post this list as an importable dealfinding list with your advice?

    5. No problem. I have always used deal finding list never tried the shopping list. There is an option in there to where you can see the entire list even over 100% of your setting, that's the one I use.

  3. This works good on an RP server like mine: Moon Guard US.
    Good job for posting this, and keep it on.

  4. so where is gloiruous,lofty, and another ?:)
    also interested in rare list can u put here names of sets ?:)
    not only jade plate:)


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