Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MoP in 2 Months!

So it's officially official that MoP will be released in 2 MONTHS.

I must say I am VERY surprised it is coming out so soon, but for gold making, there couldn't be better news!  When news of Mists coming out so very soon hits the public, people will be flocking back to the game to level alts and prepare their characters for the new expansion, so look forward to increased population on all servers in the upcoming 2 months leading up to MoP.  I'm going to go over some things I'll be looking out for in the coming month.

Cata Twink Gear
The 77-80 market is not going to be replaced by anything in MoP.  There will most likely be a substantial decrease in the amount of this gear available to buy and resell, but I wouldn't worry about dumping it all the moment you log on today.  It's still a viable market come MoP, levelers will always want to buy gear, no matter how much the gold making community and advice givers in general advise against it.

Now on the other hand, if you have been dipping into the 83-84 Cata gear market, there should be a RED FLAG coming up.  SELL, SELL, SELL!!  Cut your prices in this market, still sell at profit, but you want to dump all this stuff as fast as possible.  In the same way Cataclysm created the 77-80 Twink market, Mists of Pandaria is creating an 83-84 Twink Market.  Here is a list of all the items that are 83-84 BoE added in MoP and (some are) worlds better than whats available as an epic at level 85 right now.  Keep this gear in mind when you start leveling your 85s on September 25th!

There's been a lot of rumors floating around about inscription recently.   Going back to the Cata pre-expansion patch, we saw that you were no longer able to trade inks until the release of Cata.  Been stockpiling Blackfallow?  Start trading them in!  If you haven't been stockpiling now is the time to start, it is almost too late to ensure a great distribution, but you don't want to miss out on (what could possibly be) Glyphmas 2.0.  Make sure you keep up to date on all the OFFICIAL changes that will be made (what glyphs will be changing over, which ones are being left in the dust, what inks you'll need etc.).  If you're hardcore into inscription and you want to keep up to date on all the official changes and nuances, I'm not your man.  Make sure you follow Croda's blog marketsforgold, his main focus is glyphs, and glyphs are my least favorite market.

Again, getting late on this but there are still ways to start stockpiling now.

Pets are a great way to stockpile, especially the Elementium Geode as I had suggested in previous stockpiling posts.  I plan on coming out with a post based entirely on stocking up on pets for Mists, so I'm not going to delve into it too much, but for more of a read check out Cold's post Get Out While You Still Can!

Cataclysm mats are another great thing to stockpile.  With the influx of players, raw mats on the AH should at least increase in volume, if not decrease in price as well.  For selling a few months into Mists, raw mats are a great thing to stockpile long term, especially Hypnotic Dust, as it will be needed to level Enchanting more than Cata Essences.  

The wand slot will be removed in 5.0.4, and wands will be made a "main hand" caster weapon, with stats to match.  I wrote a post that you can find here about the best BoE wands to stockpile for this.  Again with the influx of players for Mists, you may start to find more of these wands on the AH, and should add them to your overall mogging searches.

This is just a small slice of the pie, but hopefully some big topics that you can start (or already are) hitting on.
What is your biggest goal to get done before the MoP release in 2 months?


Phat Lewts

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  1. I got to thinking about the 83-84 Cata gear, if you say don't have a large stockpile of them (I have maybe a small handful of gear). Wouldn't be wise to buy it if its under 50g and maybe 40g depending on enchanting mat cost and DE them for the Lesser Celestial Essence/Greater Celestial Essence?

    I DE a whole bunch of the gear I had and got a pretty good handful of both. Just a thought.

    1. The one thing about the Celestial Essence is that once MoP is out the demand will be way lower, only need a handful to level enchanting, while a few stacks of Dust are needed. As far as the mats go the Dust is better, but definitely an option to disenchant your stockpile. Not advisable if you do the shuffle on your server tho :-P

    2. I haven't really checked ore prices in a while, I did my stockpile of ore months ago and haven't shuffled since. I'm also not doing enchanting anymore, least not scrolls as they just don't sell and didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of cata scrolls.

      The reason I asked is because I'm still selling Wrath Essences at a profit, and I wonder if the cata version would see the same return.

      For leveling I can understand but wont MoP Enchants have an item level requirement? If they run the same true as past expacs, then wouldn't 85 twinks need Celestial Essence? I know I still sold a good amount of wrath enchants as well as wrath epic gems to the 80 twinks.

      I didn't want to bother posting a handful of 81-84 greens so I just DE them and I noticed out of 20 item I walked off with 2 stacks of Celestial Essence. I only had a few 2-handed weapons in the mix.

    3. Although it may be best possible enchants for the 81-85 bracket, Wrath enchants cover a larger spectrum of leveling characters. Since the ilevel minimum on those enchants are 60, it encompasses gear as early as character level 55 through level 80, so there is a higher demand for it, especially with the large 70 and 80 twink markets. I just don't see level 85 twinks becoming a thing, especially the way they're changing talent trees. I guess only time will tell though!

    4. Yeah that is very true. I just wanted to know what your opinion on it was. It got to thinking about it, being I see those greens come in as low as 20g some days on my server and the Essences go for about 40ish.

      However today with MoP having a release date officially people are freaking out and as everyone has stated, those guild banks are being emptied an I'm seeing a flood of raw mats across the board.


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