Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 7/17

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So I'm back doing the weekly review posts, to kind of summarize my week in WoW gold making, and give you some insight into what I'm doing currently to make gold.

Return of my Routine
This week I got out of my gold making rut I was in from the Stormspire Scavenger Hunt.  It was a fun competition and I learned a lot of how hard it actually is to start gold making on a server, especially with time constraints, and competing against like minded players!  With the return of my full effort this week I made 90,479g in profit.  Not too shabby considering that in the past few weeks I've made about 100k total, so this week (barring some expensive stockpiling) has been my profitable over the past 2 months by a LONG shot.

So this week I got back into my routine, which I don't think I've ever really detailed, and I've even gotten into...glyphs.  Yes, my least favorite crafting profession, but I've indeed been dabbling in glyphs, with good returns. Still not my favorite to grind, but I have a good TSM setup right now and it's working out well for me.  So my routine consists of the following:

  1. JC: Prospecting Ore to cut/DE (also buying/cutting LK Epic Gems)
  2. Making scrolls with leftovers from above (plus Maelstroms)
  3. Transmuting Carnelians to Inferno Rubies (to be cut into Brilliant, Delicate, Bold)
  4. Alchemy Cooldowns every day (more on this below)
  5. Milling Cheap Whiptail
  6. Glyphs - 2 of each, only posting at 200% or greater profit (again more below)
  7. Tailoring Spellthreads
  8. Transmog
  9. 77-78 Twink Gear
  10. Corrupting the Alliance side of my server (Transmog/Twink Gear only)
So I've got a lot to do, when I finish one I move on to another, and trust me I have ore and herbs backed up to be "processed" but my stock of gems and glyphs is full as is, so no need to really process it at the moment.  

Glyph Setup
So the way I'm running glyphs is this.  I'm only milling Whiptail for Blackfallow Ink which I trade.  Each glyph crafted uses 3/5ths of a stack of whiptail (ink wise).  Using the price I buy whiptail as the guide, I set 300% of each glyph price (or 1.8x the stack of a whiptail) to be my minimum posting price (300% return - 100% payed = 200% minimum profit).  If it goes below that I have TSM post at my reset price (324.99g).  I post only from my scribe because I'm not walling, and I find with only 2 of each glyph as opposed to 3 which I used to do, it makes it A LOT faster for me to cancel/repost. My scribe is still learning new recipes through Research/Books so I am currently restocking every day, but once he has them all I plan on crafting maybe twice a week.  So far it's manageable, but mostly because I don't really play my scribe and set him up with 4x Inscription Bags.

Current Thoughts on Alchemy CDs
What I'm doing right now for alchemy CDs, I have three Transmute masters, and I'm having all of them transmute Volatile Air.  I was doing Truegold for a while, but decided to lay off a bit, because Truegold isn't a guaranteed good investment right now, and I already have a decent amount of it.  I'm netting a minimum 675g guaranteed return per day burning my Volatile Air CD so I'll take that right now as opposed to the Truegold.  

Last, but certainly not least, I'm going to mention stockpiling.  I have been currently doing daily searches, and using wowuction.com to find under priced pets to invest in.  If you're interested to see my original post on stockpiling for Mists, you can find it here.  And here is how it looks now:

So now that you know about my routine, is there anything in your gold making routine that's not in mine?


Phat Lewts


  1. Dala JC Daily for Nightmare tear

    Disenchant Scans, lots of levelling going on and lots of greens being put on AH cheap

    1. I have two JCs and I stopped dailies once I got all the epic cuts I wanted. Now I'll have good use for the Ring of the Kirin Tor on my Priest and DK!

  2. I've recently closed down busines on Horde side (purely transmog), so i have time to do a tad more on alliance side now.

    1. Collect mail - repost
    2. Do TSM shoppinglist scans for cheap goods for tailoring, leatherworking, blacksmithing, enchanting (maelstroms mostly)and inscription. (if there are huge bulks of ores i grab loads to prospect)
    3. Jump to Leatherworker - craft visious gear and leg armors
    4. Jump to Blacksmith - craft visious gear, belt buckles (hardened elementium if that is more profitable)
    5. Jump to Tailor - craft visious gear, spellthreads and whatever bags would give a decent feedback (not netherweave ones >< )
    6. Jump to Inscriptor - mash up herbs if im running low, otherwise just restock on the top ones (i dont do the leveling ones)
    7. Jump to Jewelcrafter - prospect ores if im running low on rare gems, restock on cuts with a profit, craft visious gear
    8. Back to banker - post everything i just crafted
    9. Back to Jewelcrafter - use common gems to do jewelry
    10. Jump to Enhanter - DE everything, do a restock on scrolls with a hefty profit.
    11. Final stop is banker for a final posting session.

    This routine takes about a 1-1½ hours depending on the amount of prospecting/herb-mashing i have to do.

    1. Aaaaah yes, I forgot to include shuffling mail in my routine, definitely something I do daily as well as well as the BS PvP gear. There's a tailor on my server right now that is probably using his cloth from dungeons to sell the Vicious Tailoring gear for "100% Profit" at a price where I can't touch because it's below mats. Also interestingly enough I've never leveled LW to 525. Along with Skinning it's one of the 2 professions I've never gotten to 525, although I have a low level (40something) alt with LW just to craft Big Voodoo Robe, great transmog piece!

    2. MySales stats shows me that other than JC and chanting LW is by far my best moneymaker. Most pieces goes for 1,5-2k per piece on my realm which makes profit through the roof.
      As for competition on the visious market there is 2-3 peices from every profession that is never worth the trouble, since its the pieces most prof leveling guides suggests doing. Mostly bracers/gloves though. Skinning i have alongside LW, purely as a filler BUT during leveling it makes insane amounts of gold since these are just about the only mats that doesnt drop drastically in price no matter how far into an expansion we get.
      Never seen a bot do skinning ;p

    3. Maybe it's time to start leveling my hunter!

  3. I'm really only in two markets nowadays being the transmog market and the Blacksmith crafting / Smelting bars trade.

    I have to scan the AH on Ore - Bar conversions as there's easy profit to be made from just buying ore, creating bars and selling as singles or small stacks.

    Enchanting rods are a mainstay as well as Belt buckles, but the PVP gear tends to ebb and flow depending on the days of the week.

    There are competitors on my realm that are posting BS Vicious gear for below mats cost (levelling I suspect?) and I'm simply buying them out (instead of buying mats to recraft) and then repost. If they have a stockpile of cheap mats and continue posting under market crafting prices, then I consider the investment to be better than buying the mats and posting myself. At some point, they will run out of cheap mats and the market mean will revert and profits can be taken. It's just a question of storage space in the meantime!


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