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Rare Battle Pets Mean Lots of Gold!

It seems Cold beat me to posting a list, but I'm going to post the list I've been working on along with the gold making tips here, but definitely check out his list as well.

So we have come to that juncture in time.  What to do with rare pets?  Well luckily for you I'm just crazy enough to put together a list, organized by means of obtaining, of all the current pets that are going to be made into Rare Battle pets.  That list can be found here. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this. It's important.

You may be thinking "Why put together a list of the BoP and BoE pets?  We gold makers only care about the BoEs!".  Well you should care about the BoP pets as well because even though  "All promotional, CE, Blizzard Pet Store, TCG and quest pets are currently not tradeable", rare spawns will be, as seen in my table (as well as Achievement and DMF pets). Also note that Catchable pets will be non-tradeable (this post more recent than quoted post, meaning the only way to obtain rares without going out and catching them is these pets.  (I told you this list is important!!!)).   But first, as any respectable post including BoE items goes, a list for finding the BoE pets on the AH:

The BoE Pets:
Auctionator List:

***Rare Battle Pets:
Azure Whelpling
Captured Firefly
Crimson Whelpling
Dark Whelpling
Emerald Whelpling
Gundrak Hatchling
Hyacinth Macaw
Razzashi Hatchling
Disguisting Oozeling
Guardian Cub
Elementium Geode

TSM List:

BoP Pets
So now the truly interesting part of the post.  The pets that I'm most focused on is these.  The rare spawns. The Darkmoon pets will be tradeable, but IMO they're too common/easy to obtain.  Also, the Profession and Achievement pets will possibly be tradeable.  I have a feeling the Achievement ones may be made non-tradeable so I'm not going to solely focus on them.

The reason we want to get these is because "If you have multiple versions of the same pet on multiple characters on your account, they will be merged into one. We will place any extras in your bags or mail them to you if you are out of space."  This is important.  If you get say 10 of a rare BoP pet, one on each of your alts, you will recieve 9 in the mail that are (as of right now) sellable.  DISCLAIMER: I'm not guaranteeing that this will be how it is when MoP ships, but for now it's all we have to go on, and I'm digging it.

First is my favorite from the bunch:
Phoenix Hatchling
Image courtesy of
This little guy is just cool looking!  Who wouldn't want a phoenix as a battle pet?  This guy is an ~9% drop from the last boss of Magisters' Terrace.  This can be completed on Normal or heroic, and soloed easily by an 85.  I personally would suggest you do a heroic run on each of the alts you want to try for this pet on rather than a bunch of normal runs on one alt.  Why?  Account wide mounts and this boss on heroic drops Swift White Hawkstrider.  Of course after you obtain it, feel free to farm the pet on regulars, or ignore the mount altogether, it's your call!

Mr. Grubbs
Image courtesy of
This guy intrigues me.  He may not be the most pretty pet, but comments on wowhead say this guy is not too hard to farm, because adds respawn in certain areas quite quickly.  When 5.0.4 comes out (the Pre-expansion patch) AoE looting will be added to the game.  Mr. Grubbs is going to be my first personal test of AoE looting.  If the adds spawn as fast as some claim they do, this 1% drop should be easily farmable (need to complete certain quests first).  Again I personally will not even attempt this guy until 5.0.4 drops, because hey why not wait for AoE looting?  The one drawback may be that when they make the pets account bound in 5.0.4 you may not be able to get the multiples.  Only time will tell (and hopefully some more blue posts before then!).  If nothing else I will cage the one that I get and sell it :-P.

Pebble and Jadefang
Image Courtesy
Tiny Shale Spider, obtained today.

There are two pets in Deepholm that I have my eye on for Battle Pets.  Pebble, the reward from doing 10 Dailies: Rock Lover, and Tiny Shale Spider, obtained from killing the rare spawn Jadefang.  If you have the dailies unlocked in Uldum you can try for both of these.  I had never gone after Jadefang before so I tried to see how difficult it was.  Jadefang was there when I went, and I got my first Tiny Shale Spider.  This comment on Wowhead explains how to get there perfectly.  For both of these you will need to have the dailies in Deepholm unlocked.  Like I said originally I am skeptical as to whether or not Achievment pets (in this case Pebble) will be tradeable, but I am confident that the Rare Spawns will be (ie Tiny Shale Spider).

*WARNING: Since Jadefang is (or was before Molten Front) a sought after pet, odds are Jadefang will be cached on your NPC Scan, don't let NPC Scan fool you, check for yourself.  You will be able to target Jadefang, if there, from the green rock (see the comment on wowhead).*

Crosolisks in the City
The last pets I'm going to try to get multiples of are the Crocolisk pets from the Shattrath Fishing Daily: Crocolisks in the City.  These cute little guys are too good to pass up, even if "quest pets" are non-tradeable at the moment.  The reason I'm thinking that these guys could possibly be tradeable is because they're not directly obtainable from the quest, they are drops from the bags, and I think if they do become tradeable, they'll be great sellers.

That's all for me on the gold making front of these pets.  Which one of the Rare Battle Pets are you most excited about?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Shale spider and phoenix hatchling for sure :) those 2 are purty and im guessing that they will go for a decent amount each as well...

    *sends all 8 alts to go get the MT one and 7 of those off to deepholm afterwards*

    1. Got my 2nd Shale Spider last night, 2 in one day, I've been reading forum posts saying that the spawn timer is about 12-24 hours, which is nice. Parked my druid out there now, hoping for my 3rd today!

  2. Mr Grubbs isn't as rare a drop as WoWhead makes it out to be. I got one on an alt I was leveling through there without even knowing it existed, then I went back on my pet/mount collector and got it within a few kills of getting the lucky charm from Fiona.

    1. Yeah the one thing that's keeping me away from doing it right now is that I hate having to click a ton of corpses, checked out those farming locations though, and they're right tons of spawns all in one area!

  3. Decided to farm the tiny shale spider on all my chars, and managed to get it on four before I noticed something - it's not a unique item! I've tested it out, and the pet still drops if you have it learned already, and if you have it in your inventory too. My mage is now parked in Deepholm, and I've got two of in my bags. Am I right in thinking that I'll be able to sell these when MoP is realised, or have I missed something?

    1. Yeah I had the same question. I was camping him on my druid and when he spawned sending my alts out there, accidentally sent my priest twice so I have it learned and in inventory.

      They way I understand it is this:

      once MoP comes out, all the duplicates will be "caged" and put in your inventory. In theory nothing will happen to the unlearned pets. You could then also cage the one you know (across all alts), and relearn it with the ones in your bags and keep caging and so on. Don't really know how well it will work though, not being on the MoP beta, and not having the rules spelled out. They may be doing something to deter this kind of activity, knowing blizzard, but then again they may just overlook it as they try to get the expansion finished in 2 months.

  4. What are your thoughts on Argent Tournament pets?

    1. Sorry for the late response.

      I've been selling them off because they will not be "Rare Battle Pets" this doesn't mean I'm not turning a profit, just thought there was a lot more potential in them than there is and had a big stockpile which I don't think will sell off fast in MoP, but who knows?

      With inflation prices could go through the roof compared to now, just a matter of time to find out. Either way they'll be mainly used as companions, just keep that in mind. Since 5.0.4 comes out Tuesday, it's almost too late to sell them to alts that would then have multiples.


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