Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Review 2/27/2012

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I decided that I am going to start doing "a week in review" posts to give readers insight into what I am personally doing.  I will be discussing no methods here, but if you'd like me to further expand on what I write, feel free to ask in the comments.

Highest Seller
This week I sold an item for 10k gold (9500 after AH tax).  One search that I like to do every so often is one for "Plans", one for "Recipe" and another for "Pattern".  Doing this search 3 weeks ago I found Plans: Felsteel Longblade on the AH for 3200g.  After much deliberation I bought it, and then held onto it for about a week trying to decide if I would flip it or craft the blades for transmog.  I decided to flip it for 10k, which isn't THAT great of a profit margin, I made 6300g from one transaction.  My highest resale profit to date.  Not all resales have to be mogging!

Constant Sellers
Gems of course are always selling, but this week I decided to go into TSM and craft profitable Cataclysm scrolls, and I've had great luck.  The searching for things to disenchant gets me the best prices on enchanting mats, and I've made about 15k profit this week just from this.  Not too bad for the hour or so it took to make the scrolls.  One of the most constantly selling and cheapest enchants to make is Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats.  I always keep a 20 stack of these on my posting toon.  If you do the ore shuffle, you can easily and cheaply make these too, and definitely should!

New Additions to Gold Making
This week watching Jim Younkin's Livestream (Jim can be found at www.powerwordgold.net) I was inspired to go rare spawn hunting in Blasted Lands.  I know this is a method that others have been using for a while, but I kind of questioned the viability of the strategy (ie gold per hour) and was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  Man were my expectations exceeded.  There are 12 rare spawns in blasted lands, and with the quest items they drop, each one has 2 chances at great transmog gear.  So assuming half of them are spawned, in a bout 15 minutes on a 85 character you can get a chance at 12 mogging items.  While out there I got a Swashbucklers Eyepatch, which I think will be a gold mine in and of itself, so I was very happy.

Also new this week, Faid from the blog Nerf Faids came out with a post: Importable TSM Mog Lists v2.0.  As you know if you've read my blog in the past I have a certain affinity to Auctionator for searches, but I tried out Faid's lists this week, and I really like them.  The current project for my blog right now is looking to make my previous gold making Auctionator Lists into TSM lists that ya'll can import.  Expect them out no later than Friday morning this week.

Non-Gold Making
Recently I've decided to start farming Circle of Flame for my mage.  It's pretty easy to get to now that they added the mole machines to the beginning of BRD but I've had bad luck this week.  Over 45 attempts at this 5% drop so far.  Really like the animation on that one, and going to continue farming it in the weeks to come, hopefully just this upcoming one!  Also did LFR and a feral druid won the caster staff which made me really happy >:o.

Hope you enjoyed my week in review, check out my blog regularly this week for my upcoming TSM lists!!


Phat Lewts


  1. I know TSM very well for glyphs, but I've never used it for scrolls. Is it easy to figure out how to set it up for scrolls if you already know how to do it for glyphs? Scrolls would be a new market for me, trying to change things up. Any tips you have time to explain would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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