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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/28

It has been a busy week for me, have not had a heck of a lot of time to play the AH, but regardless I've seem to have made more gold this week than I have in the past 2 weeks combined.

"Mega" Gold Making
Now this week I ended (I end my weeks on Thursdays since the connection) with 3,551,226g. I'm pretty excited for a couple reasons, the first being that's a change of over 195k from last week just 1k short of 28,000g profit/day. This is a combination of a couple things, but it did help that I happened to sell a Dragon Kite I had purchased from the BMAH to flip for 25k 2 months ago. Are there other things that could have made me 100% interest in 2 months? Yes. Could I have possibly bought them all given the sheer amount of gold I have? Nope. Glad it finally sold, had been posting it along with all my xmog on a 48 hour auction. Regardless I was very surprised to see 60k in my Xmog seller's mailbox, because I had honestly forgotten I had it!

On top of that I'm at 3.55 million liquid, just 30k shy of my all time recorded high for liquid gold (right before I bought Al'ar then Mim's 3 days later), so it's nice to be back up now. Really need to find something to spend it on!

No Time for Playing = No Time for Buying
I haven't been able to log this week as much as I usually can which is fine, but it's actually presented me some issues as far as restocking goes, which is why I think I made so much profit this week (on top of the 50k from the Dragon Kite). Now, last week I only made ~70k but I spent 100k on mats, which to me is great. This week I made 147.5k ignoring the Kite, but I only spent 30k on mats, which to me is not that great. Now it is the time to start easing up on the current mats, but not that much. I'm really short on leather, and would love to purchase some, but AH prices don't justify so I don't. I have not touched glyphs in about 2-3 weeks, and really have no intention of doing so in the future.

One thing I'm considering doing is jumping into some old world markets for fun. I don't want to get too deep into these markets because I have a strong feeling that they will be introducing mechanisms to level most/all professions via the Mining/Herbalism/BS route they took this expansion, so I am a bit skeptical of future markets for those items.

Moving Enchanting
I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in an earlier post, but even if I didn't, I've moved Enchanting to my current main, dropping Alchemy to learn it (no I have not updated my professions page). I finally got the reps up that I needed (not one for grinding, even on my main), and Enchanting is set, and I need to drop it on my alt (ex-main). I suppose I'll be taking up Alchemy which I dropped, that toon already has Inscription. Considering holding out on this one until WoD beta, because I honestly am not going to make the Living Steel if I had the Alchemist anyway. Okay I've just convinced myself.

Anyway not much else to comment on this week, hopped into GoblinRaset's stream earlier this week and we tried soloing some content. With the help of J311f1sh we managed to 3 man To4W for my Cataclysm raiding achievement, that was entertaining. Raset and I tried to 2 man BoT and went 1/4 after wiping on trash 5+ times :-P. Hope your week was as lucrative or even more than mine was!


Phat Lewts


  1. Congratulations on pushing your liquid gold cap up! I'm glad you sold the Dragon Kite. I haven't been able to move them recently.

    As you can guess, there has been some more questionable TCG pets showing up, top that with the end-of-xpac normal stock dumping. It's been rough, so a good sale for you during a tough time!

  2. Hey Phat, I'm a big fan of your work and I watched all your videos and listen to you on the podcasts. I was kind on the same idea... I'd already have 2 characters on 90, my main heroic raider (jewelcrafter and alchemist) and the casual pve alt (enchanter tailoring)... Now I was thinking the same, If my main do most of the runs on heroic and some items I won are duplicate; I'm losing money if I can't DE... and in the WoD, if we enchanters are still going to be able to disenchant, I need to be ready... So I was thinking also to change my main to Jewel-Enchant, I'm boosting a 60 lvl character, with Inscription and Alchemy, but now I don't know what to do with the other alt, that casual raider that had tailoring / enchant... I think tailoring is profitable if you know what to create to DE and sell mats, but now I'm confused of what to do with my characters and profession combinations, can you give me your comments and ideas? thank you very much

  3. how exactly did you BUY al'ar or mim ? bought account and merged?


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