Friday, February 21, 2014

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/21

For the first time in a while, I spent this week more than I made in profits, which IMO is excellent.

As I've mentioned in the past, spending is where I make my gold. I buy cheap, and use my mats to make expensive things. Okay that's a bit of a simplification, but this isn't the post! Anyway I ended up spending just over 100k gold this week in mats. Among my notable purchases is 50 stacks of Golden Lotus, which should last me at least a couple weeks, and many Ores (current and old world) at below market value). I ended up making ~177k in revenue, so I am indeed up ~77k for the week, or roughly 11k/day, which is not bad all things conisdered. Was honestly hoping for better with this connected realm but what I've found is that, of course as expected, that I need to keep up with my crafting a bit more to rake in the big profits, and of course I don't do such things regularly.

I of course have to mention that I'm doing really well with my new transmog list. This is the third week I've been doing it and sales are going great. For each 48 hour posting period I've made 15-20k gold, which IMO is great. It costs me ~2000g to post my entire inventory, and even if I spend an hour posting a day (technically it should take about half this), I'd make 13-18k GPH, which is IMO very legit profits.
One particularly good 24 hours of Xmog Sales
Second Profile
In the past I've been using one profile for my current server. This is great and keeps things consistent across toons, but recently I've been accruing some items I want to just sell in the AH on my posting toon, for something generic (say 1.5 market value) or what have you an just dump it. Now most of these items are mats for professions, some are already grouped and don't have an Auctioning operation. Instead of making 1000 subgroups to assign Auctioning operations to these items, I decided to make a 2nd profile on my transmog posting toon that would deal with Xmog, Leveling Gear, and the random other items I have in my bag. I literally just implemented this yesterday so I'm going to see how it works, but to me it's the easiest way to do this, the only shortfall may be that it will cause an issue or two with TSM_Accounting, but Accounting already has issues sorting things by groups (gear with random enchants), so to me it's almost a non-issue. We shall see if that mentality continues!

So that was my week in gold making, I hope you all were as prosperous (if not more) this week!


Phat Lewts

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